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[Official Forum Event] MLBB Collecting all Hero Guides No.6

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Hello everyone, I’m very glad that I have received a lot of guides from our dear players last week. Here, I’m honored to present who they are for you all:
2059 39661795 Ryuzaki L
3031 23254410 sheenkz09
2024 20187823 Raven-Dark
2022 19723437 苍穹红莲风刃
3029 20776110 DA-Mothersass
2206 33415575 Clozdark
2001 1362377 SiLeNtKilleR
3059 43430785 [MFC]ItzClint
2026 20706264 Jauregui
2022 19240989 [FSN]Kardania
2018 14336176 [RCS]Lumiere
6015 9841180 Mindereak
These players will receive a reward in the game this week. Congratulation for them all!
For this week, the heroes which we prepared for you are Estes, Ruby, Yi Sun-Shin, Lolita, and Hayabusa! Please focus on our heroes weekly, and don’t worry, every hero could have a chance to be presented, just wait for your favorite hero patiently.
In order to help new users learn more about the different features of our new heroes, and to help them get into the game quicker, our official Mobile Legends team has decided to hold a Mobile Legends Heroes Guide Collection event.
Event Prizes:Top 3 players with the best Hero Guides will also be selected & will win: 500 diamantes  and your guide will be published under your name on both our official website and in the game.
Any Player's guide, if showcased by our team (no upper limit), each user will also receivea prize of: 100-200 diamantes
All winning users will have the chance toget promoted by our official platforms including our MLBB website, Facebook,forums, etc!

Event Prizes:Top 3 players with the best Hero Guides will also be selected & will win: 500 diamantes  and your guide will be published under your name on both our official website and in the game.
Any Player's guide, if showcased by our team (no upper limit), each user will also receivea prize of: 100-200 diamantes
All winning users will have the chance toget promoted by our official platforms including our MLBB website, Facebook,forums, etc!

Our MLBB team decides to launch 5 heroes every week for you to make the guide. And the new 5 heroes will be replaced in the next week. Please don’t forget mark your ID, your Rank level and your name in the game when you post your guide in the forum. For this week, the heroes which we prepared for you are Alucard, Minautor, Nana, Cyclops, and Freya!Don't hesitate, send us an application immediately!

Some Event Rules:
1. All guides should discuss, and only discuss about either the 5 heroes weekly. You can make comparisons to other heroes as long as it is still centered on the featured Hero.
2. All guides should contain facts about the Hero first, before discussing your opinion and tips along the discussion.
3. All guides MUST contain the Skill Set of the featured Hero. These skills are what makes the Hero different from others, so include the information about all the 3 skills, and discuss thoroughly each skill base from your experience and opinion.
4. Orderliness and Neatness is a plus factor. The way how you present your ideas is a big factor, the more neat and ordered it is, the more easy to understand.
5. Images and Videos are plus factors. Some things are better explained with pictures and videos. I do encourage everyone to be creative and unique.

Regarding copyrights of video & hero guides:
1. All final copyrights of the videos and guides belong to you, and under the partnership agreement, you agree to license the rights to Mobile Legends official team for non-profit use;
2. All final copyrights of the videos and guides belong to you, and under the partnership agreement, you agree to license the rights to Mobile Legends official team for non-profit use;
3. If you have other queries regarding the above, please feel free to contact us, we will amend and supplement our agreement terms as needed asap, thanks!

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Here is the link to mine

IGN: Ggwpwellplayed
ID: 32294540 (2048)

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<br> We all know the story ruby is real fighter.she can support for team.i like her. <br> <br> * Ruby is with 4 abilities, 1 passive and 3 casters.<br> <br> Let’s Dance – Passive Skill: Every time you use a skill, Ruby can change her position. So, there are 2 options, backward or forward. Going backward grants her armor. Jumping forward gives slow-down effect to her skills. During this time, her basic attack will no longer have lifesteal. But, her skills will inherit 100% of lifesteal effect<br> <br> <br> Be good – Caster: Uses her scythe to attack fast and deals 50 pts physical dmg to the target in front. At the same time, she launches a wave that deals 50pts physical dmg to each target affected by it<br> <br> Don’t run Wolf King -- Wields the giant scythe to attack twice. Every attack deals 40 physical damage, stunning the enemy for 0.7 second and slowly pulling the enemy towards the hero. Deals additional 30% of damage to enemies in the outer ring. This skill gives crowd control that can cancel enemy’s ability. Because of pulling effect, this can be use as utility for your team to get item on setting up or disabling enemy. Make sure to unleash the 30% damage by intentionally making your enemies hit in the outer ring<br> <br> I’m offended! – Caster Ult: If you are on the enemy side, bro you are dead! But playing Ruby gives you this feeling like you own the game! Deals, 205 physical dmg, pulls the heroes closer and stuns enemies for&nbsp; 0.5 seconds.<br> <br> So here is it. Use her Ult first, go for Be good and keep Don’t run Wolf King for last. In this order, Ruby helps the team a lot, by pulling the heroes closer and making them an easier target to eliminate. There is no way to escape this combo!<br> (Item build)<br> -thooth of greed:+70 physical attack .unique+20%lifesteal<br> <br> -Magic Shoes: Increase Ruby’s movement speed by 40 and +10% CD reduction<br> <br> -Dominance ice: +500mana.+70arom.+5% crit strike Rate Reduction.unique+15% cooldown reduction .unique passive-arctic cold:lowers movement speed5% and lowers attack speed 30%for nearby enemy heroes.<br> <br> - Wind Chaser – +60 Physical Attack / +45% Physical Penetration. If they get threaten on the domination you are about to bring in late game with our perfect gear above and they build defense, get this item to tear them all.<br> <br> -Blade of Despair: Adds 130 physical attack, 25% attack speed and +10% critical strike chance. This works perfectly with her passive skill. The critical gains more lifesteal :). So, whenever the enemy is in an abnormal state, Ruby deals extra 15% damage. You pull them, they got burnt in a second!<br> <br> - Immortality – +800 Hp / +40 magic resistance / Rebirth : resurrect in 2 seconds after dying and get 15% HP and a shield that can absorb damage equal to 40% max HP. Shield last for 3 seconds. 180 seconds cooldown. If they don’t care about improving their defense as most noobs do. Just get this immortality to improves your survivalability in teamfight.<br> <br> Teamfight – Keep in mind that she has AoE damage and disable. Use this for the team advantage. At this moment, it is not only about a kill but what will help your allies a lot is how you will disable enemies. With your ability that can be used in both offense and defense, you can be initiator in case your team lacks of it. But I doubt you will be the best for it as your squishy. Unless you are well fed and you have enough lifesteal and damage, you can bully the entire team.<br> <br> I hope this Ruby build guide can help you a lot in the game and make you pros! If I’m missing something, please let me know in the comments below. <br> <br> Thz for english not good.i sure you will understand.what i meam.nameMicheal lair    id-34718791.  now tier-Grand master. -.


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KiiyonPH replied at 2017-4-18 17:34
Created by
IGN: Kiiyon PH

Hayabusa's skills cant crit :) nice try xD 50 games played?
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OjciecPijus Hayabusa Guide

In this guide i will cover how to become better Hayabusa player, which emblems should be used, how to win laning phase and much more!

Passive: Ninjutsu: Shadow Heal
After dealing an ability damage on the same target 4 times, Hayabusa's HP will resotre. The lower his HP is, the more it will restore. The effect can be triggered every 3 seconds.

My opinion:
His passive is great to restore HP without the need to buy the Tooth Of Greed or other lifesteal items. But please do note that his passive does not work on minions or jungle creeps.

Phantom Shuriken
CD:7s. Mana cost:85
Throws out 3 shurikens in a fan shaped area in front of him. Each shuriken deals 250 physical damage to the enemy it hits and lowers movement speed by 60%. The same enemy can take up to 200% damage. If all 3 shurikens hit the same enemy hero, then Hayabusa will restore 20% of his spent mana.

My opinion:
It's the best harassing skill in his kit. Let me explain few things. Enemy can take up to 200% damage - that means if each shuriken deals, lets say 100 damage, then if all 3 shurikens hit the same enemy it will deal 200 physical damage (100 physical damage on his 1st shuriken and 50 on the other two). But only if all three hit the same target. With this skill and blue buff u can harass enemies 24/7 and annoy them very much.

Quad Shadow
CD:18s. Mana cost:80
Releases four shadows of himself in 4 directions. When a phantom encounters an enemy hero, it will cause a 60% slow down effect, deal 120 physical damage, and burrow itself into enemy's body. The next use of this ability will move Hayabusa to the phantom location, and if directed towards a phantom inside of an enemy, it will deal an additional 120 physical damage to the enemy.

My opinion:
Awesome gap closer, chasing tool, engage skill. When its planted to the enemy's body, it synergizes well with Phantom Shuriken skill. In laning phase always use this skill to engage and use your 1st skill to harass. Also having phantoms around will get you out of the sticky situations bcuz Hayabusa when is affected by CC spells can still use phantoms to move around.

Ougi: Shadow Kill
CD:36s Mana cost:130
Turns into a shadow and dashes around the battlefield, dealing multiple single-target damage to enemies within a certain area. Each attack deals 130pts of physical damage. Damage of multiple hits done to the same enemy will increase by 5% per hit.

My opinion:
This skill is bane for enemy heroes when caught 1vs1. You are able to one shot marskmans and other squishy targets when there are no other enemies around. Dont be afraid to use this skill to clear the minion wave - CD isnt that long tbh. In teamfights you should engage with quad shadow, use ultimate to clear the minions (which will cause the enemies to fall back bcuz they wont have minions to push) and constantly harass enemies. It will annoy them very much.

On Hayabusa you should use either Physical Assassin set due to physical penetration and cdr or Roamer emblem set due to Hybrid flat pen, 6% movement speed and cdr (also hp is better than physical assassin and this is why i prefer roamer over physical assassin set).

1st item: Hunter Strike
+100 AD
10% cdr
U should get this item first bcuz of nice amount of ad and cdr. Passive of this item isnt quite useful bcuz u wont autoattack very much and his skills doesnt apply on hit effects.

2nd item: Magic Shoes
10% cdr
Unique: 40 movement speed
You should get shoes as your second item due to cdr it provides which will cause to spam Hayabusa's skills much more often.

3rd item: Dominace Ice
+500 mana
+70 armor
+5% crit strike chance reduction
Unique: 15% cdr
Unique passive:lowers movement speed of enemies by 5% and reduces attack speed by 30%.
Awesome item on Hayabusa. It gives mana which will solve mana problem, it gives +70 armor! Which is second best armor item, and nice bonus of 5% crit strike chance reduction is also nice. But the real thing you're after is 15%cdr. After this item is bought u will have 35% cdr (+5% from emblems) which is just awesome.

4th item: Wind Chaser
+60 AD
Unique: 40% physical penetration.
Nice ad bonus combined with physical penetration. Just watch how your enemies are melted. Also useful when struggling with enemy tank.

5th item: Magic Blade
+60 AD
+24 Magic Resistance
Passive: when hero's HP drops below 30% will get a shield that can absorb 510-1350 damage (effect increasez with level).
Another awesome item. It Gives AD, magic res (which is helpgul bcuz mages lately are much more common than before) and shield that will save your ass quite often.

6th item: Immortality
+800 HP
+40 Magic Resistance
Passive: after dying hero will ressurect with 15% HP and with shield that can absorb 600-2000 damage which lasts for 3seconds. CD time is 180s.
Nice HP boost combined with awesome passive. This passive saved me quite alot bcuz after i ressurected i could use my ultimate once again or i could disengage with shadows ive casted before.

As for the battle spells go for Retribution.

Laning Phase
As Hayabusa you should go mid lane to use his kit to full potential. Buy hunter Knife (250 gold jungle item) to exp faster. After you've cleared the 1st wave of minions, you can do 2 things: either invade enemy blue (engage with shadows, use retribution and peace out with shadows) or go to your own jungle to get some extra exp and gold. If u have blue buff, harass an enemy alot. Try to plant your phantom, use it again to close the gap, cast shurikens for harass and piece out. When you reach lvl 4, clear the minion wave, use plant a shadow to engage on the enemy, use your ultimate, use your shurikens. Congratz you probably get your juicy first blood (if not then dont worry :D). Roam alot to help other lanes. Combo is still the same: Shadows to close the gap, ultimate, shurikens and you can peace out again using your shadows.

Mid Game
This part is abit tricky. When the teamfights is about to happen, use ur shadow to engage, ultimate to clear minions and harass enemies. But, when enemy hero is split pushing and you know that he's alone - go for him and kill him, then take down turrets or help your teamamtes in the 5v4 teamfight. Late game is pretty much the same as mid game so i wont cover that part.

Hayabusa is very pokey champion with awesome 1v1 kit. Always try to get blue buff so u can spam shurikens to harass enemies and make their life alot harder. With Hayabusa you have to be annoying to the enemy team as much as you can. He's my favourite assassin (and can counter the flying bird - Fanny. Hell Yeah!). Hope you enjoyed this small guide on this awesome champion :) see ya around.

Nick: TerrorSquad Hayabusa
ID: 8731372 (6012)
Current tier: Grandmaster III
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Where do u dump all the guides?
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Satria Rizali Yi Sun-Shin Hero Guide
jempol yu san.jpg
Yisun-Shin is ranged melee marksman haha... because in near he can attack using melee, but in far he can attack using his bow..
and the ship is so freaking good too

Pro And Cons :

pro dan con.jpg
As you can see in the picture below , that contain Pros And Cons in my opinion of course

Item Build,Abilities,Skill's Set :
level yunsin.jpg

Why Pick That Item ?
All the item having own advantage , it's very good item in my opinion

Why Flicker Spell
Because yo can run away from fight so easy ... and combine with skill 1

Why Ability 2 First ?
it's penerates so powerfull and hurt enemy so much

Why not ability 1 first ?
In my opinion the first skill is usefull when you run away or reach the enemy...

Combo :
Combo yusin .jpg
Yisun-shin just have 1 Basic combo in my opinion
And 1 combo for flee ... soo you can faar away from enemy

Satria Rizali Video Entry

Title : MASSIVE DAMAGE HERO !? - HOW TO PLAY AND BUILD Yi Sun-shin - Mobile Legends : Bang Bang
For more information just check the video...

About Me:

IGN: Raven Dark
ID: 20187823
Server: 2024
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Ruby Guide/Tips/Build

Price:32k bp
Figther (but tanky build)
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Edited by sheenkz09 at 2017-4-18 14:34

sheenkz09 Estes Hero Guide
Note IMO:
All I can say Estes is very good support, I've using him quite a time and I think his ult can withstand any damage taken on a team clash which is very essential on survivability on your team, to play him right you should have a right timing and always be a keen observer of any situation, being a support your main role is to provide healing whenever your team it needs which estes is very capable.

PROS: Good Support hero, Mass healing capability
CONS: Squishy, Moves slowly, weak on Assasins, weak on get Crowd Controled



CODE OF MOON ELVES (Passive): - ESTES passive is more focus on Magical damage and slow which very surprising on a healing type hero, to use it wisely you need to be observant on his passive since it has a 100 countdown after it fully charged your next basic auto attack will deal a damage, and provide slow to the target, this will be great if you use it wisely specially on scaping enemies or last hitting an enemy target, I really suggest since you are not a damage dealer focus more on healing and supporting your team, since whenever you launch MOONLIGHT IMMERSION (Skill 1) your passive will Improve its charging speed, so it means the more you use your healing capabilities the more you can effectively use your passive skill.

MOONLIGHT IMMERSION (Skill 1): - ESTES basic healing capability, the good thing about his healing is that your target ally and you will benefit of it, so use it wisely.
TIP#1: Since it will target one ally, you need to closer to your ally with a low hp to specifically heal him, since this ability is lack of target healing mechanism.
TIP#2: Dont always spam this skill since it can easily drain your mana specially on a early game, use it wisely specifically on a right time on a right situation! priorities those ally that has a very low hp.

DOMAIN OF MOON GODDESS (Skill 2): - ESTES Slowing and Damaging skill, This ability is very good CC it will deal good amount of damage per second whenever the enemies are within the range and also provide slowing effect, which is very useful on team clash.
TIP#1: Target it mannualy, always make sure that you will hit multiple targets since it has good wide effect range so take advantage to it.
TIP#2: If enemy tries to escape use it ahead of him so it will hard for him since it will deal damage and the same time a slow effect on him.
TIP#3: You can aslo use it for last hitting enemy heroes.

• BLESSING OF MOON GODDESS (Skill 3): - ESTES THE BEST  SKILL, it will activate MOONLIGHT IMMERSION and provides healing to all surrounding ally heroes for a given time, a very powerful ability which is very effective on a team clash, this what makes very special since it will provide healing up to 1k amount of HP good enough to withstand and survive on a clash.
TIP#1: The key on using this ability is on RIGHT TIMING ON RIGHT SITUATION! I would really advise using this ability on a mid way of a clash specially when your teamates are been CC or got on a situation where they take a ton of damage, dont use it on initiate a clash sometimes enemy team tries to bait you to use your ulti, this will make them to disengage for a time and they will wait for the end of the duration of your skill to launch they attack, so keep in mind on this situations.
TIP#2: Always make sure your allies are close enough to you before using this ability, because whenever one of your allies are far enough they might not get link, so the solutions is whenever that happens you can link them again by pressing the  MOONLIGHT IMMERSION (Skill 1).




Note IMO: This builds will be interchangeable and also it vary on any situations, there is a lot ways to build ESTES but for what I have observe he is lack on defense and also estes dont have escape mechanism this what make him very easy target specially for ASSASINS and MARKSMAN, so basicaly this build will be much more focus CDR and Defense. Why CDR (Cooldown Reduction)? this will make Estes more to sustain a lot of healing and launching his other abilities on shortest cooldowns. And for the Defense aspect you will choose whether Physical or Magical Defense, Its up to you what are you going focus more it will depend on any situations, but this build Is most focus on physical since most likely every match there is a good amount of Marksman, Fighters and Assasins, I choose Build 3 on this.

Note IMO: This will be your mana regeneration and CDR item since it will provide a 20% reduce Cooldown Reduction, and also ever kill assist you will be granted of 20% mana regen, very essential item for Estes since he is a support hero.

Note IMO: Additional CDR since it will provide 10% cooldown reduction.

Note IMO: Another CDR item which it will provide 15% cooldown reduction, what this item is make special it provides defence, mana, and Artic Cold: passive which will inflict a lower movement and attack speed.

Note IMO: for Additional Defense and Reflect damage.

Note IMO: for Additional Defense, Additional HP and passive which will reduce damage taken from enemy.

Note IMO: for Additional HP, Magical Resistance, But the passive effect of this item is what are we going to take advantage this will greatly provide a good survability for Estes.

Note IMO: For Estes since his very squishy and lacks of Escape mechanism i really recommend for Flicker or Assault.

Note IMO: For Estes you can use Magic Emblem for additional Magical Damage and Mana regen or Magic Assasin for Magical Penetration, and also CDR, you can choose both depends on what highest level you have.

CONCLUSION: Estes is the by far the best Support since it provides a very good amount of healing capabilities and support skills this will lead to a better survivability of your team, I would really suggest is to be wise on using your skills, always pay attention on a situation where you can take full advantage on using his healing. Nevertheless there is no right and wrong build for him, you can play him like as a mage or build him a little bit tanky its all up to you what route are going through. And lastly always remember that nothing beats on good team compositions and team coordination, there is a big chance that you will win if you have a good team with a balance capabilities ,every one should contribute and do their respective roles.

Thank you for MLBB team for giving us a chance to give our Ideas and Contributing to the community, hope you like my Guide, If you want to clarify or to add somthing just PM me! PEAC YO! :D:victory:
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In this guide i will cover how to become better Yi Sun-Shin player ;

Tooth of Greed

+ 70 Physical Attack
Unique : +20% Lifesteal
Unique Passive insanity : When Hp drop below 40%, the hero will receive an extra 10% physical lifesteal.

Thor's String

+30% Attack Speed
+8% Movement Speed
+20% Critical Strike Chance

Unique Passive Lightning
After every 5 basic attacks, the next basic attack must deal 3 magic damage to 125 enemies.
Unique Passive Activate
Each time after lightning is cast, one's movement speed will be raised 10% for a brief time.

Swift Boots

+15% Attack Speed
Unique Effect
+40 Movement Speed

Scarlet Phantom

+30 Physical Attack
+40% Attack Speed
+10% Critical Strike Chance

+30 Physical Attack
+40% Attack Speed
+10% Critical Strike Chance
Unique Passive Frenzy
Crit strikes will increase one's physical attack 10%, lasting 2s.

Blade of Destruction

+75 Physical Attack
+20% Critical Strike Chance
Unique Effect
50% Crit Damage
Unique Passive Doom
Crit strikes will increase one's physical attack 5%, lasting 2s.

Blade of Despair

+130 Physical Attack
+25% Attack Speed
+10% Critical Strike Chance
Unique Passive Despair
Deals an extra 15% damage to an enemy in any abnormal state (stunned, knocked airborne, transformed, disabled).

Hopefully useful build that I give to you, good luck:)

Nick : kanciang
ID   : 21071437 (2026)
Tier : GrandMaster II

Nick : kanciang ID : 21071437 (2026) Tier : GrandMaster II

Nick : kanciang ID   : 21071437 (2026) Tier : GrandMaster II
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