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[Official Forum Event] MLBB Collecting all Hero Guides No.5

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Hello everyone, I’m very glad that I have received a lot of guides from our dear players last week. Here, I’m honored to present who they are for you all:
3031 23254410 sheenkz09
2018 14336176 [RCS]Lumiere
6201 11182682 [RG]Yagloo France No.1 Minautors
2026 20706264 Jauregui
3059 43430785 [MFC]ItzClint
2001 1362377 SiLeNtKilleR
2022 19723437 苍穹红莲风刃
2022 19240989 [FSN]Kardania
3029 20776110 DA-Mothersass
2206 33415575 Clozdark
1201 11405127 Royals·Le
6015 9841180 Mindereak
These players will receive a reward in the game this week. Congratulation for them all!
For this week, the heroes which we prepared for you are Chou, Kagura, Alice, Layla, and Moskov! Please focus on our heroes weekly, and don’t worry, every hero could have a chance to be presented, just wait for your favorite hero patiently.
In order to help new users learn more about the different features of our new heroes, and to help them get into the game quicker, our official Mobile Legends team has decided to hold a Mobile Legends Heroes Guide Collection event.
Event Prizes:Top 3 players with the best Hero Guides will also be selected & will win: 500 diamantes  and your guide will be published under your name on both our official website and in the game.
Any Player's guide, if showcased by our team (no upper limit), each user will also receivea prize of: 100-200 diamantes
All winning users will have the chance toget promoted by our official platforms including our MLBB website, Facebook,forums, etc!

Our MLBB team decides to launch 5 heroes every week for you to make the guide. And the new 5 heroes will be replaced in the next week. Please don’t forget mark your ID, your Rank level and your name in the game when you post your guide in the forum. For this week, the heroes which we prepared for you are Alucard, Minautor, Nana, Cyclops, and Freya!Don't hesitate, send us an application immediately!

Some Event Rules:
1. All guides should discuss, and only discuss about either the 5 heroes weekly. You can make comparisons to other heroes as long as it is still centered on the featured Hero.
2. All guides should contain facts about the Hero first, before discussing your opinion and tips along the discussion.
3. All guides MUST contain the Skill Set of the featured Hero. These skills are what makes the Hero different from others, so include the information about all the 3 skills, and discuss thoroughly each skill base from your experience and opinion.
4. Orderliness and Neatness is a plus factor. The way how you present your ideas is a big factor, the more neat and ordered it is, the more easy to understand.
5. Images and Videos are plus factors. Some things are better explained with pictures and videos. I do encourage everyone to be creative and unique.

Regarding copyrights of video & hero guides:
1. All final copyrights of the videos and guides belong to you, and under the partnership agreement, you agree to license the rights to Mobile Legends official team for non-profit use;
2. All final copyrights of the videos and guides belong to you, and under the partnership agreement, you agree to license the rights to Mobile Legends official team for non-profit use;
3. If you have other queries regarding the above, please feel free to contact us, we will amend and supplement our agreement terms as needed asap, thanks!

At last, ML Team will recommend nice videos and hero guides to the event page!
So it's a good chance to let other know your team by posting videos and hero guides!
Do not hesitate to share your excellent video with the other players. And if you want to know more information of event, please check our official forum and official website.

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Edited by sheenkz09 at 2017-4-13 13:28

sheenkz09 Moskov Hero Guide
Note IMO: All I can say Moskov is a very OP hero he can easily dishout any enemy if you will play and biuld him on a right way, what makes moskov very special is on his passive which his auto attack can penetrate thru enemies on a straight path where moskov is facing.. it gives him an advantage specially on taking minions, tower and enemy heroes on a team clash. Moskov skills have given him more flexibility and very dynamic to control which makes him very fun to play, without any further a do lets begin talking his passive and abilities.

PROS: Damage Dealer, Mobile, Global ult, Pusher
CONS: Squishy, Shorter Attack range


Skills Explaination and Tips:

• Spear of Quiescence (Passive): - Moskov's Deadliest passive, this what makes moskov very fearful many players dont like laning with moskov since he can easily take out your minions if you are fighting against with him, this ability makes moskov can earn gold so you MUST TAKE ADVANAGE WITH THIS!. On the other side moskov can easily take out enemies easily specially on team clash whenever the enemy are too close or behind with each other he can easily damage them on the same time when he hits.
Tips #1: I advice when in early game always align yourself on the enemy minions where you can hit them at same time, by using your passive ability, this makes moskov can earn alot of gold.
Tips #2: On a team clash always keep an eye where enemy heroes will be closer to each other or they align on a perpendicular manner, this will give more advantage for you since you can take hits on them and share the damage.

• Abyss Walker (Skill 1): - This ability what makes Moskov can easily ditchout enemies giving him am ability to teleport (shorter range) and additional attack speed over 80% on fully upgraded, I would say you must fully upgade this first since this will be your tool on initiating and attack and escaping mechanism, since it has a very short cooldown you can easily move to the map making him good in Tower breaking, ganking and taking enemies easily.
Tips #1: You can easily take enemy tower by using this skill since it will give him additional attack speed so use it wisely.
Tips #2: Always use this when needed specially if someone will tries to gank and flank you, since it has low cooldown you can use it on escaping.
Tips #3: when using this on Initiating an attack constalnly use this to reposition yourself, since its very vital for moskov to change his angle for better damage output by taking advantage his passive and on his other abilities, this will give you higher survivability specially on team clash where he needs to be at the back and give him a good space to launch his attacks.

Spear of Death (Skill 2): - This ability is good for pushing back and stunning enemies,  I would really suggest if you can launch this attack and to have a full advanage to this always use it on walls to knockback enemies and stun them on 2 sec.
Tips #1: Try position yourself where you can knockback your enemy on the wall to effectively use this skill.
Tips #2: You can also use this skill to push enemy back whenever they try push on the tower.
Tips #3: You can also use this skill to push enemy to your ally tower, just hide on the bushes and then wait them to get near on your tower, after that you can use this skill to push them on your tower to get an easy kill
Tips #4: You can also use this skill to push enemy away from to their tower, just use your first skill to teleport at the back on your enemy and then use your second skill to push him away from the tower,  just be aware that this act is very dangerous since you will get closer to the tower.

Spear of Destruction (Skill 3): - This ability is good for last hitting your enemies, since it has global range you can easily finish them whenever they are.
Tips #1: Keep an eye on the minimap and check if there's a clash just be aware if there is an enemy with a low health you can easily finish him off by using this ability, you can use this by mannual targeting you will see an indicator or marking which you will see it on the minimap this will greatly help you to estimate and use this ability.

Moskov-Item-builds.jpg Note IMO: This builds will be interchanged it depends on any scenarios, I choose the Build 1 since moskov have already a good amount of attack speed we will more focus now on damaging  and debuff items, this build is very effective and moskov can easily kill an enemy since it has physical penetration and armor reduction.

Note IMO: Good for early game since moskov needs a mobility item, and this item will also grant you additional attack speed.

Note IMO: Very good item for additional attack speed, Critical, and movement speed. Over all this attributes is very beneficial to moskov.

Note IMO: This will be your bread and butter on survability since moskov is very squishy he needs a lifesteal to sustain on a team clash.

Note IMO: +40% Physical Penetration what can you ask for? this is very good since moskov deals a ton of physical damage, this item will greatly maximize his damage output.

Note IMO: Increase on attack speed, movement speed, and the good unique passive since it will reduce the armor of the enemy by 7 and will stack up to five times, overall it will reduce 35 armor on a enemy, easy peezy right? hehe, good for anti tanks.

Note IMO: Critical for Burst damage! 20% Critical chance and Unique passive of 50% crit damage.
Note IMO: This is optional if needed this will be beneficial of moskov.

CONCLUSION BUILD: Overall the advantage of this build is to focus on damage output and debuff since moskov is a heavy damage dealer with a great attack speed, he can easily dishout any enemies with this build.

Note IMO: For Moskov since his very squishy i really recommend for Flicker or Assault for mobility good for additional scaping and chasing capabilities.

Note IMO: This emblems will surely improve cyclops capabilities.

Note IMO: Before we talk about Skill combo, always remember that nothing beats on good team compositions and team coordination, there is a big chance that you will win if you have a good team with a balance capabilities ,every one should contribute and do their respective roles.

Moskov-skill-combos-1.jpg NOTE: Mostlikely this will be your general combo since moskov will do a ton damage by using his auto attack, but this will greatly improve by using his Abyss Walker (1st skill) which will improve his attack speed, the only thing you need to remember is the position where you at, this will be crucial to moskov since he needs to constanly reposition hiself on right spot where can freely attack the enemies, in combination with Spear of Death (Skill 2) always keep in mind use it wisely and properly take advantage on 2 second stun whenever you will given a chance, use it on a wall to knockback an opponent or use it when they are closer to each other, lastly use his Spear of Destruction (Skill 3) if needed to finish off some of the enemy who got away.

Tips #1: Since moskov needs to have a good distance use your 1st skill to reposition yourself constantly, either to engage or disegage.
Tips #2: Be unpredictable you can take advantage of your 1st skill since it has a lower cooldown, you can teleport at the back or side to side of your opponent.

Tips #3: Be aware on using 2nd skill always use it on to knockback an opponent on a wall or to his teamate 2 sec stun is enough to kill specially mage or marksman heroes.
Tips #4: Dont get greedy since moskov is very efficient on killing, sometimes you need to be aware of your actions it may lead of loosing if you are too confident

Hope you like my hero guide, Thanks yo MLBB team for giving us a chance to showcase our ideas! more power to you guys! Peace yo!  :D:victory:


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Hmmm moskov or layla both of them i love it
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tq for reward... like it new guide
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Edited by dedenjr at 2017-4-12 21:14

Satria Rizali Rafaela Hero Guide
This hero is the first hero that you can get in ML for free.. but dont underestimate her, because if you master her .. anything can change~~

Pro And Cons :

As you can see in the picture below , that contain Pros And Cons in my opinion of course

Item Build,Abilities,Skill's Set :

Is that just an Default Build Item ?
why you bother so much to have your own build ?? IMO the default build just fit in perfectly !! just use the dafault , and try to master it

Why Flicker Spell/Speed Spell
Because it is a perfect spell to run away from ganking , but i preffer Flicker Spell than a Speed Spell

Why Ability 2 First ?
Cause we need aoe damage and slow effect for enemies.. it's very usefull even for ganking or solo kill.. just believe me okay

Buy an basic jungle item first that price 250gold , and when minion in mid has been killed , go hunt Jungle Enemies for maximize your gold and exp

Combo :

What it mean enemy not gather ?
Use the combo when the enemy team just 1 -3 person and scattered formation, then use ulti when the enemies run with little hp...

What it mean Enemy Gather ?
When the enemy take the formation with 5 man attack , then use ulti to reduce their healt and then use the rest of your available skill , then hit ... congratulation you got penta kill hahaha

Satria Rizali Video Entry

For more information of my build just see the video , there are some highlight that you can see...

Satria Rizali Video Montage Entry

Title : This Girl Is Sick!!? - Layla Pentakill Montage #1 - Mobile legends : Bang Bang
This the montage that i use for the build , and i got an PENTA KILL


About Me:

IGN: Raven Dark
ID: 20187823
Server: 2024

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Edited by kyreiseiten at 2017-4-12 17:10

Layla The Malefic Gunner
Layla is the first hero obtained and being use in MLBB tutorial. There is a short introduction about Layla’s skill in the tutorial and I will discuss in detail. Layla is range attack hero and she does massive damage.

High damage
Long attack range

Low HP

Skill Analysis

TIPS for Skill Build:
Skill Upgrade Priority: Destruction Rush > Malefic Bomb > Void Projectile
I recommend max Malefic Bomb first instead of Void Projectile. My reason is
1. Malefic Bomb has low CD and higher damage than Void Projectile. I spam Malefic Bomb during farming and clash with enemy hero. While spamming Malefic Bomb, remember reserve some Mana for Destruction Rush.
2. Void Projectile level 1 and max level does same effect, which is 60% slowing effect.

Skill Combo:
When encounter few enemy heroes.  Shoot them using Malefic Bomb if they within the skill shooting range.
When they stick too close, use Void Projectile shoot them.
You may choose to use Destruction Rush to shoot them when they close to each other.
You may standby suing Destruction Rush till one of the enemies HP is low.
Remember keep spamming Malefic Bomb during team fight because this skill CD is very short.
When enemy hero try to escape, use Void Projectile to slow him/her down.

Recommended Emblem set:
assassin.jpg Physical Assassin Set
+12.94 Physical Penetration
+12.63 Physical Attack
+2.50% Critical Strike Chance
+19.68 Hp
+2.01% Movement Speed
+5.02% Cooldown Reduction.

Reason: Physical Penetration, Physical Attack, and Critical Strike Chance greatly boost Layla physical attack damage. CDR is good for lowering Destruction Rush CD.

NOTE: If your physical assassin set level is low, I recommend use jungle.jpg Jungle Emblem Set or physical.jpg Physical Emblem Set.

Recommended Battle Spell
First option:
bs flicker.jpg

Reason: I use this spell to escape from enemy targeting or chasing a running target.

Second option:
bs fury.jpg

Reason: I use this spell to boost Layla attack speed since Layla is basic attack based attacker.

Recommended Item Build

Item Build Analysis
1. tog.jpg Tooth of Greed: Add Layla physical attack and recover any lost HP while attacking target.

2. sp.jpg Scarlet Phantom: Add Layla basic attack speed and raise critical attack chance. The unique feature of this item can temporary boost Layla basic attack speed.

3. sb.jpg Swift Boots: Increase basic attack speed and movement speed.

4. destruction.jpg Blade of Destruction: Add Layla physical attack and increase critical attack chance. This unique feature greatly boost Layla's critical attack damage. This is a combo item with Scarlet Phantom.

5. immo.jpg Immortality: Add Layla HP and increase Layla survival during team fight. Give Layla escape chance after being killed in team fight.

6. wc.jpg Wind Chaser: Add Layla physical attack and does more damage to high physical armor heroes.

Other items:
7. fallen.jpg Fallen Sword: Add physical attack, add lifesteal effect and basic attack speed. It is option whether choose to use Tooth of Greed or Fallen Sword at early game. My suggest is use Tooth of Greed.

8. endless.jpg Endless Battle: Add physical attack, add steal life effect, add HP & Mana, add movement speed. Use this item to combo with Tooth of Greed for stacking up % Lifesteal. Adding minor HP is good as Layla is low HP. Adding movement speed is good in avoiding attack, especaping, or chasing enemy hero.

9. despair.jpg Blade of Despair: Greatly add physical attack, add critical chance, and add basic attack speed. It is a late game item, NOT recommended craft it in early stage of game.

Layla is a fragile range attack hero. So, don't try to stand side by side with melee heroes during team fight. Find yourself a good spot and avoid being targeted. Normally survival of Layla in team fight will lead your team to the victory {:3_46:}.

Hope you like my guide and enjoy playing Layla.

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Layla is a marksman with a unique ability of range increase so use it as you advantahe in team fights and own the game ..

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Edited by Ryouva at 2017-4-11 17:19

Devastating Impale Build
   clozdark mosk.jpg
Current price
32,000 Battle Points, spear of bone dragon  (269 diamonds).

Background story

Moskov, shooting to fame  during the warrior tournament of tribes, was already a battle master at his  youth. He inherited the family's occult spear fighting skills, and as the  next leader of the clan Wildsand, he was loved and respected by many.  Watching Wildsand clan growing stronger day by day, Kublai, the leader of  Thornwolf couldn't hold back and let them become the new hegemony on Hietala  grassland. One day when the youngsters of Wildsand went out hunting, he  slaughtered the entire clan with his own people. The whole land was scorched  by blazing flames of war. Blood flowed like stream, yet a slight warmth still  remained on the bodies of died families and friends. Faced with this cruel  vision, Moskov could not persuade himself to accept it. But even worse,  Kublai dispatched a formidable cavalty trying to hunt down the Moskov's  hunting party which was the only survivors from the massacre. In a panic,  some escaped and some wanted to surrender, and Moskov, for the very first  time, lifted his spear and aimed at his own buddies. Suffering from this  painful experience, Moskov became ruthless with a thought of revenge haunting  him constantly. However, Kublai was too strong to defeat. In order to obtain  more power, Moskov chose to fall into the Abyss of Shadow and serve the Queen  of Doom, becoming notorious as 'the Spear of Quiescence' ever since.
Spear of Quiescence (Passive Moskov): Moskov's basic attack can penetrate  the targets and deal damage to enemies behind them. Hitting enemies  successfully will reduce the cooldown of Abyss Walker and Spear of Death.
Opinion:  penetration effect gives Moskov an ability to clear the minion faster and  give enemy lot of damage when they trying to hide behind minion or another  hero.
Hint:  to optimize the use of the passive skill Moskov required to understand a good  positioning while in battle.
Abyss Shadow (Skill 1): Moskov  uses the power of shadow to teleport to the specified position, enhancing  attack's penetration ability and increasing attack speed.
Opinion:  the buff in attack speed and penetration damage make moskov can clear the  lane faster.
Hint:  teleportation effect in this skill was the most important thing to be  highlighted cause if you teleport to the wrong place the chance of advantage  positioning will be wasted.
Spear of Death (Skill 2): Moskov  strikes at an enemy hero with full strength, dealing physical damage and  knocking back the target. If the knocked-back target collides with another  enemy hero, then both enemies will receive physical damage and be stunned. If  the target hits obstacles, it will be stunned.
Opinion: The main killing ability in Moskov kit if the spear hit the enemy to  the wall or another enemy.
Hint:  it’s better to trigger this skill after using the first skill to position  Moskov to hit the enemy into the wall or another enemy.

Spear of Destruction (Skill 3): Moskov throws out the Spear of  Destruction after powering up shortly, dealing physical damage to enemies  along a straight line. For each enemy it hits, it will provide a buff of  increasing attack power to Moskov which can stack up for few secs.
Opinion:  Moskov ultimate has the most long effective range so it’s better to use it to  help teammate in another lane or to intercept running enemy.
Hint  : the buff duration is very short so it’s better to use it to detect enemy  hiding in bush or to start team fight, but the most fatal about this skill it won’t hit the lord or turtle.
Skill Build step by step: second,first,second,third,second,first,second,third,second,first,second,third,first,first,first
[ 2,1,2,3,2,1,2,3,2,1,2,3,1,1,1]
Opinion:  second skill is the most important so it’s best to finish it first.
Battle spell that used: Fury
This battle spell used to give Moskov to kill the  enemy faster or to destroy enemy tower as soon as possible.
Step by step build list:
Endgame in advantage condition build :
Endgame  in dire condition build :
Main objectives of the build :
destroy  enemy tower quickly.
  - dealing a heavy damage as marksman.
Build information:
Scarlet  Phantom: [+30 physical attack +40% attack speed + 10% critical chance]
The  first item to be build it gives a lot of advantage including high attack  speed a little damage buff when this item done, Moskov can destroy enemy  tower quickly and if combined with fury.
Tooth  of Greed: [+70 physical attack +20%~30% lifesteal ]
The  main gear that should be in Moskov kit because Moskov have a low quantity of  health, high lifesteal combined with penetration damage can restore Moskov  health quickly.
Swift boots: [+40% movement speed +15% attack speed]
An  early movement build that help Moskov clear another lane faster or to help  teammate, this item removed in late game because team fight have a higher  chance and Moskov shouldn’t be separated from their teammate anymore.
Blade of Destruction: [+70 physical attack +50% critical damage +20% critical  chance]
Main  critical chance buff to make Moskov gives a devastating blow.
Blade  of Despair: [+130 physical attack +25% attack speed +10% critical chance]  (second one replace swift boots)
Main  damage buff to end the enemy life faster.
Wind  Chaser: [+60 physical attack +40% physical damage penetration]
the  armor penetration to negate the enemy tank build in late game.
Immortality  [+800hp +40 magic resistance] (replace swift boots)
This  item used to give Moskov an insurance to kill the enemy or to move in  different position with first skill after the first attack failed.
(single  enemy)
Abyss walker -> 2/3 basic attack -> Spear of  Death(stun wall) -> basic attack until enemy out of range -> Abyss  walker ->  basic attack until enemy  death / Spear of Death cooldown done and repeat from step 3

Abyss walker -> Spear of Death(stun wall) ->  basic attack until enemy out of range -> Abyss walker ->  basic attack until enemy death / Spear of  Death cooldown done and repeat from step 2
(team  fight)
Basic attack until enemy in bad position ->  Spear of Death(stun wall/stun to another enemy)
Basic attack until enemy near you -> Abyss  walker to maintain distance

Playstyle Q&A
Q : emblem set to use?
A : the most efficient one is physical assassin set(early penetration damage  buff), second option is physical emblem set
Q : why scarlet phantom not thor string or  fallen sword?
A : thor string recent price was the main decision in removing it, because  thor string itself losing in term of attack speed and damage buff, while it’s  true thor string give more extra critical chance the damage itself still  lacking. In case of fallen sword the price and the gap time to finish the  build giving moskov a lot of disadvantage in early game that’s why scarlet  phantom is safer choice also tooth of greed is better lifesteal item.
Q : which lane to go?
A : the best option is mid lane to level up faster as possible and if the team  want to communicate you can try to reserve the red buff from the bottom lane.
Q : when fury battle spell should be activated?
A : after the first spear of death hit the enemy.

Q : when team fight happen what should Moskov do?
A : trying to enter the team fight area in good position by abyss walker and  using spear of  death to destroy enemy  formation or to stun enemy high value target.
  Thank you for reading best regards.
  IGN    : Clozdark
  ID      : 33415575
  Server : 2206
  Tier    : Epic IV

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Edited by Levi85 at 2017-4-11 14:27

Life Story

Onmyouji Master is a strong yin and yang of the powerful driven by spirits, yin and yang. The Kagura family is the oldest and most powerful of the Onmyouji, the most powerful of which is the Ancestor Master. Kagura as the family of the most potential of Onmyouji, was given to the generation of artifacts from the yin and yang – Seimei umbrella. it is said that the umbrella had been Seimei with a hundred ghost of the power of refining, have their own wisdom and lie, only by the owner’s drive and control. That childhood play falcon to the dawn of the mainland to perform the task fo life after death, Kagura secretly took Seimei umbrella from the home to the dawn of the continent, hoping to help Falcons hand.

One of the hardest laner to fight with because of her crowd control and utility. Her umbrella will annoy you hardly without her leaving her safe zone. I like to use her as not most players are using Kagura. You will usually see Miya, Yun Zhao, and Balmond and this girl gets underrated. Maybe because she is too expensive to buy with BP (32k). That what makes Kagura hide her through potential in battle. Using Kagura, you will see lots of players don’t know her mechanics and that gives her an advantage over them especially in laning where her umbrella got ignored everytime.

If you are with me who are enjoying playing Kagura or a newbie who wants to know the perfect and best item build for Kagura, you can check my guide below.
+Good CC
+Snowball well
+Good laner with umbrella
+Most players don’t know this hero

-Low mobility
-Low burst damage compare to other spell caster
-Expensive to buy.
-Difficult to master.

Yin Yang Gathering – When the Quin Ming Umbrella and the hero become as one, generates a shield absorbing 300 damage and stuns nearby enemies and slowing them down. This effect can only be triggered per 4.5 seconds. (passive)

Seimei Umbrella Open – Moves Seimei Umbrella to designated area, dealing 300 magic damage to the enemies along the way and lowering their movement speed by 40%.

Rasho Umbrella Flee – With Seimei umbrella: releases the hero from any movement-impairing effects, moving to the specified direction and leaving the umbrella on the spot. Without Seimei umbrella : moves to the umbrella and deals 205 magical damage to the target enemies.

Yin Yang Overturn – With Seimei umbrella : deals 300 magical damage, knocking back the nearby enemies and slowing them down. Without Seimei umbrella: generates a link with the umbrella in 6 seconds, and refresh the skill Seimei Umbrella Open immdiately. When the umbrella moves, any touched the line will be injured and slowed down. When the line initiates, the line will deal 255 magic damage to enemies it touches.

Emblem Set

Item Build
Enchanted Talisman – +55 Magic Power / +400 Hp / +25 Mana Regen / +20% Cooldown Reduction / Mana Sprint : A kill or assist regens 20% of hero’s Mana within 5 seconds. This will gives you everything in laning in terms of magic power, Hp, mana regen and cooldown reduction. This is a good starting item for Kagura so you can spam her skills and punish your laner hard.

Magic Shoes – +40 Movement speed / 10% cooldown reduction. You need to improve your movement as soon as possible as she is low in mobility.

Guardian Relic – +90 Magic power / 25% magic power / Exterminate : After a skill hits a target, a magic attack will immediately increase 15%. The next skill damage will terminate this effect. This effect can last up to 3 seconds with a built-in cooldown time of 10 seconds. This item has everything you need to empower your magic damage. Since Kagura has enough crowd control with her kit, all you have to do is to improve their damage output to snowball well in late game.

Astral Wand – +65 Magic Power / 40% Magic Penetration / Starlight : When Hp is over 70%, the unique attribute for this equipment will increase 30%. Another damage pumping item for Kagura. This time, it is to tear down magic resist from tanks

Immortality – +800 Hp / +40 magic resistance / Rebirth : resurrect in 2 seconds after dying and get 15% HP and a shield that can absorb damage equal to 40% max HP. Shield last for 3 seconds. 180 seconds cooldown.

Blood Wings – +150 Magic Power / Covenant: Adds 2 Hp for every 1 magic power added. Good for late game that gives decent amount of magic power.

Strategy Guide

Kagura is hard to master because of her mechanics that gives her different abilities based on her umbrella. But after days or week of playing her, you will find out that this hero is very rewarding. She excels in crowd control, lane dominance and burst damage when you followed our best build for Kagura.

As a good laning presence, you can ensure that the early game will be favorable to you. All you have to do is to take this as your advantage and snowball for late game using magic damage based items. She has also a good AoE damage that comes into tricky vertical line instead of radius. Once you know how can you use this skill effectively, killing a hero is not totally difficult to you.

Her kit has decent range which you can penetrate the back lane with it and hit the carry without leaving your safe zone. This what makes Kagura a good spammer. As you can see we gear her up with cooldown reduction and mana regen items. This is to ensure that you will enough mana for skill spamming.


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Alice the great engage . the great damager the lifesteal goddess . built right timed right initiate and engaged right . you can own the moon elves and suck all of their blood before they knew it
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