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[Hero Techniques] sheenkz09 CYCLOPS THE NUKER BUILD!

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Edited by sheenkz09 at 2017-4-7 09:54

sheenkz09 Cyclops Hero Guide

Note IMO: All I can say Cylcops is very powerful hero.. His passive gives him an ability to punish and launch a massive damage to the enemy since it reduces cooldown on all of his skills whenever it hits.. I've been using him quite alot since the release, and i think his an overpowered hero if you use him wisely!, my advice if you going to use him, you need to give him a proper gears so we can take full advantage on his passive skill, I will just tell you later why we need him to build a proper gears on the equipment section.

PROS: Damage Dealer, Nuker, Long range, Disabler
CONS: Squishy


Skills Explaination and Tips:

Starlit Hourglass (Passive): - A powerful passive Cylops will do a ton of damage by this since he can launch multiple skills with this, but be mind that you need to land those abilities before to activate this passive. I will explain later how can we utilize and make a full advantage on his passive.

Stardust Shock (Skill 1): - This will be you bread and butter on poking the enemies on early game specially on bot lane, this ability will do hit multiple targets twice on a straight path its good for hitting minions and enemy heroes.
Tips #1: I advice if you are going to use this ability make sure you will target it manually so that you can estimate how many targets you can hit.
Tips #2: This ability is really good on team clash since it will hit multiple targets specially if they are on a close proximity to each other, his passive ability will greatly benefit to this and it will give you more cooldown on your skills.
Tips #3: Take advantage of the range of this ability, since it have a good and wider range.

Planets Attack (Skill 2): - Cyclops gathers multiple spheres (5 spheres) and gives you a boost on moving speed, This ability is good for chasing and punishing enemies, this will be you major damaging ability since it will automatically launch his spheres on a specific or multiple targets whenever they are close to you, be mind this ability is like a homing missle since it will chase enemies whenever they are near, his passive ability will greatly benefit to this and it will give you more cooldown on your skills.
Tips #1: I advice if you will going to use this ability always be aware that it has a shorter range so use it wisely specially on team fights.
Tips #2: This ability is damage dealer specially if you can hit it on single target.
Tips #3: Take advantage on additional movement speed of this ability.

Star Power Lockdown (Skill 3): - This ability can lockdown whenever it hits target and will deal a great damage and gives 2 sec stun,  this is good for ganking and initiating on a teamfights, this ability is very deadly since its like a homming missle and it will automatically lock on a target.
Tips #1: Use your Hero locking option in picking an enemy hero to initiate this ability, you can check on the options to enable this function.
Tips #2: This ability isa Anti Fanny since its like a homming missle you can lockdown fanny atleast in 2 sec good enough to kill him hehe.

Skills Upgrade rotation:
Stardust Shock (Skill 1) > Planets Attack (Skill 2) > Star Power Lockdown (Skill 3)
Always priorities to upgrade the 3rd skill whenever its available.
TIP#2: Its good also to maintain skill 1 and skill 2 to be equally leveled,so that you can reduce its cooldown on each skills, since its very essential for him.

Cyclops-Item builds.jpg
Note IMO: This builds will be interchanged it depends on any scenarios, I choose the Build 2 since it will greatly improve and boost the cooldown capabilities on his skills and abilities, I will give the Item breakdown of this later. But I will promise you this build is very OP it will set a new Cooldown threashold on 1st and 2nd skills on 7sec and the 3rd skill to 12sec.

Note IMO: This item will be your bread and butter for you mana regen specially if you will get the kill or get an assist on killing enemy heroes, but the important part is the cooldown reduction of 20%.

Note IMO: This item will be you movibility item it will give you +40 Movement speed and +15 Magic Penetration very quite handy on early game.

Note IMO: This item will greatly boost your Magic power since it will give you +90 Magic power, + Unique: +25% Magic Power, and add the Unique Passive-Exterminate +15% Magic Power, at this point when get this item this will make you deal more damage very essential on mid game.

Note IMO: This item will boost more your cooldown reduction, at this point you most likely can spam your skills, this will make more cyclops more deadly, you can use your disables and nuking skills on very low cooldowns, very very very essential item.

Note IMO: At this point you will be deal a TON of damage specially for Magic Penetration of +40% plus when you have 70% of HP It will trigger his unique attribute it will be most likely 70% of Magic Penetration! That is Insane! if you use cylcops very effectively this will make you do killstreaks on a row! hehe

Note IMO: +150 MAGIC POWER cyclops will deal more damage and added HP makes more cyclops a little bit tanky good for late game.

CONCLUSION BUILD: Overall the advantage of this build is will give you a TON OF MAGIC POWER, MAGICAL PENETRATION, and lastly EPIC SKILL COOLDOWN REDUCTION since this is the Ojective of this build to launch multiple attacks in a row. On a full leveled and itemed cylcops it will give 6 to 7 sec both on 1st and 2nd skills and 12sec on your 3rd skill, but keep in mind this will cooldown will greatly reduce due to his passive ability. I will explain later how to gain full potential of this build on combo sections.

Cyclops-Battle Spells.jpg
Note IMO: For cyclops since his very squishy i really recommend for Flicker or Assault for mobility good for scaping and chasing capabilities.

Note IMO: This emblems will surely improve cyclops capabilities.

Note IMO: Before we talk about Skill combo, always remember that nothing beats on good team compositions and team coordination, there is a big chance that you will win if you have a good team with a balance capabilities ,every one should contribute and do their respective roles. Your objective as a Cyclops you need to give a ton damage and stuns on the enemy team since he can launch multiple attack on a row by taking advantage on your passive ability this is what cylcops very special, I can assure you if you going to follow my Item build and added it with passive you can deal a ton of damage, now without further a do lets talk about skill combos.

ATTENTION REMEMBER REMEMBER THIS! Always make sure you hit your target using your skills specially the 1st skill since you need to target it mannualy, the more you can hit the more COOLDOWN reduction you can gain due to his PASSIVE ABILITY, its very useful during team fights so use it as your advantage!.

NOTE: This combo is pretty straight forward your objective here is to poke your enemy by using 1st skill and 2nd skill vice versa, your goal is slowly deal damage to target enemy, as soon the HP of the enemy will be hit 40% or 30% launch the 3rd skill to finish him off, if you can't finish him you can use your 1st skill and 2nd skill.

TIP#1: This combo is very useful on bot lane on early game, take advantage of the range of the 1st skill and use it to hit multiple target specially the minions so you gain more gold.
TIP#2: Using your 2nd skill you should be cautious, there is advantage and disadvantage on using this skills since you need to be closer to the target to launch this skill, so if you going to poke the enemy try to make it as faster, you can take advantage 2sec boost on movement speed to get closer to the target, and as soon as the it will launch the attack, you can go back quickly on a safe distance, this will prevents you to be caught on CC or take a damage from your enemies, risky but very effective if you make it in right way.
TIP#3: Use Hero Locking function if you going to use the 3rd skill.
TIP#4: On a fully build cyclops if you land yours skills properly it will give you 3 to 2 sec both on 1st skill and 2nd skill, it gives you more advantage to launch more damage to your enemies.
TIP#5: This will be your ideal combo during a clash since you will be at the back deal a ton of damage and stun the enemies.

NOTE: This combo is same with the Combo 1 but with a extended functionality, The objective here is to give an surprise attack but use 1st and 2nd skill to poke the enemy, after that as soon the HP of the enemy will be hit 40% or 30% launch the 3rd skill and use your flicker skill to get close on the enemy then you can launch your 2nd skill, this is effective since you are too close to the enemy, all sphere's will be targeted on the single enemy hero mostlikely you can secure the kill. Keep in mind this combo is very effective only on a single target so use it wisely!.

TIP#1: Be careful on using this combo, since it needs to be close to target enemy to secure kill, it might get you on a risky situation where you will be surounded with enemies or get CC, so always keep be aware on the map.
TIP#2: On a fully build cyclops you can automatically use your 3rd skill and flicker directly toward single target hero, and launch your 2nd skill and 1st to kill the enemy since you are already deal a ton of damage.

NOTE: This combo is good for ganking and initiating an attack, specially to those unaware or badly positioned enemy heroes, 1st use your 3rd skill to lockdown and stun an specific target hero, then either flicker(optional) or use 2nd skill to get closer to the enemy and secure kill with your 1st skill, this very effective if you have a teamate which it gives you a time to kill the enemy after you stun.

TIP#1: This combo will be more effective on a fully build cyclops, specially on a marksman or mage heroes.
TIP#2: Be careful on using this combo, since it needs to be close to target enemy to secure kill, it might get you on a risky situation where you will be surounded with enemies or get CC, so always keep be aware on the map.
TIP#3: On a team clash be proactive whenever there is a mispositioned enemy heroes which you can automatically lockdown them and secure a kill.

• Never afraid to launch your skills since you will be more benefited if you do since this build is relying on Cylcops passive ability which will give you more cooldown.
• Using first skill specially on a team fight make sure hit multiple target since it will give you more skill cooldown reduction with every hero you hit.
• Since cyclops is very squishy always give yourself a safe distance specially on a team fight.
• Always keep practicing Cyclops

Hope you like my hero guide, Thanks yo MLBB team for giving us a chance to showcase our ideas! more power to you guys! Peace yo!  


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thanks for the detailed guide:lol
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Nice guide, btw how do you make your thread title colored and bold? I can't seems to do that
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I like
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Rokix replied at 2018-6-15 07:07 PM
I like

Is the best
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Thank you so much for the guide. Hope to see the updated one.
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