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Author: Jean
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[Official Forum Event] MLBB Collecting all Hero Guides No.4

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Thanks mlbb ill support your every event and every decisions on the game :)
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Redgenrov replied at 2017-4-7 19:43
Thanks mlbb ill support your every event and every decisions on the game

For the game lol
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sheenkz09 replied at 2017-4-7 16:37
Thanks MLBB Team I already recieve mine! THANK THANK THANK YOU SO MUCH! I will always join and contr ...

how much you get the diamond m8?
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Life story When just a child, both of Alucard parents were killed by demons and he was imprisoned and suffered cruelties at their hands for several months, until finally hew was rescued by demon hunters and raised by them. From a young age, he was raised to be an outstanding demon hunter, with an extreme enmity for the demon race. The three iron laws of the demons hunters are : Swear no allegiance to any army. Spare not a single one of demonkind. Never story carrying out missions. Introduction  This guy is unstoppable in harassing tilted hero because of his gap-closing passive. A good carry in game and a big threat to most marksman if well fed because of his passive and ultimate. Alucard can carry you in mid tier easily since in lower elo they don’t have the so called support. Everyone is looking for a kill and that is how Alucard can take them one by one. Profile battle Very good gap-closer Good Sustain Good Damage Good looks Almost invincible in 1v1 trades because of lifesteal.j    Battle skill Alucard is with 39 HP regen and attack speed 9. Offensive hero with Pursuit skill that grants Alucard teleportation next to his target and dealing 1.2x dmg. This is only for a single target. If you target 2 enemies, he will deal 1.1x dmg. The Groundsplitter deals 260 physical dmg. Alucard Whirling Smash deals 230 dmg in a splash area. What I like the most about Alucard’s skills is his ult, Fission Wave. He locks on a target, by getting lifesteal and he can cast Attack Waves that deals 440 dmg.  Pursuit – After using a skill, the next basic attack will teleport the hero next tot he target. If the ability only targets one enemy, then it will deal 1.2x damage. If it only targets two enemies, it will deal 1.1x damage. (passive) Groundsplitter – Leaps forward and strikes 1x. A strike deals 240 physical damage to the enemy. Whirling Smash – Slashes at enemies in the area, dealing 230 physical damage. Fission Wave – Increases the hero’s lifesteal effect by 20% while also locking in at enemy. Damage dealt to this enemy within 8 seconds must trigger the extra passive damage effect, as well as increase current lifesteal effect by 100%. While this ability is in effect, the hero can cast forth powerful Attack Waves that deal 440 physical damage.                                    Battle item 1.        Tooth of Greed – +75 Physical Attack / 25% Lifesteal / Frenzy : When HP drops below 20%, the hero will receive an extra 10% physical lifesteal. Good for lane sustain because of 25% lifesteal. 2.        Swift Boots – 15% attack speed / +40 movement speed. 3.        Fallen Sword – +10% lifesteal as well as +45 physical damage and +30% attack speed. There are some players get tooth of greed first over this item. But for me, fallen sword is better because of the additional attack speed and physical damage 4.        Blade of Destruction – +75 Physical Attack / 20% Critical Strike Chance / 50% Critical Damage / Doom : Critical strikes will increase on’e physical attack by 5% lasting 2 seconds. This will gives you a powerspike from critical damage and physical attack. 5.        Scarlet Phantom – +30 Physical attack / +40% attack speed / +10% Critical Strike Chance / Frenzy : Critical strikes will increase the hero’s attack speedy by 35% and critical strike rate to 10% that lasts for 2 seconds. 6.        Wind Chaser – +60 Physical Attack / +45% Physical Penetration. Get it if against tank. 7.        Or  Immortality – +800 Hp / +40 magic resistance / Rebirth : resurrect in 2 seconds after dying and get 15% HP and a shield that can absorb damage equal to 40% max HP. Shield last for 3 seconds. 180 seconds cool down.         Ability         Purity – Removes all negative effects and grants immunity from diasables                       For 1s        Stun  - Stuns all surrounding enemies 0.5s and puts them into a state of                      Confusion for 1s, raising ability cast 100% and lowering movement                     Speed               Strategy Guide       Purs
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levi™85 replied at 2017-4-8 00:32
Life story When just a child, both of Alucard parents were killed by demons and he was imprisoned a ...

Sorry wrong  
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Hi,  Here's the link to the file:!AgIkYhF3Ze5oasWAY_OEsLjJqiY  Shared from Word for Android
Post time 2017-4-8 12:55 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts!AgIkYhF3Ze5oasWAY_OEsLjJqiY
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levi™85 replied at 2017-4-8 00:55!AgIkYhF3Ze5oasWAY_OEsLjJqiY

Alucard guide
Just copy the https to view the guide
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Edited by kyreiseiten at 2017-4-8 17:02

Guide and Tips for Nana, Feline Wizard by KyreiSeiten
Nana the Feline Wizard is a mage and support range hero. Nana specialty is reap and crowd control. It means Nana is a powerful killer and a powerful support in team fight with powerful AOE skills.

AOE stun
High damage AOE skill
Spammable AOE skill
Disable an enemy hero for few seconds
Long range of attack
Cute and adorable appearance and cute voice
High basic attack speed

Weak basic attack
Low HP
Powerless when running out of mana

Skill Analysis:





Skill Combo
Major problem face when using Nana is Dragon Cats Summons, due to enemy hero has 2 seconds time to escape from specified area.
To increase % hit rate for Dragon Cats Summons, use Morph Spell on target 1st before using ulti. The purpose is to slow down enemy escaping from specified target area.
Beside that, using Dragon Cat Summons to work together with other heroes skill also create power combo:
Work together with other heroes skill that drag/pulling multiple targets together (eg. Freya’s skill - Wings of Faith / Tigreal’s skill – Implosion / Ruby’s skill -  Don’t run, Wolf King)
Work together with other heroes skill that do AOE to make combo double stun (eg. Alpha's skill - Spear of Alpha / Rafaela's skill - Holy Baptism / Lolita's skill - Noumenon Blast)

TIP: It is important remember that priority in skill upgrade is:
Dragon Cats Summons (upgrade available at hero level 4/8/12)  > Boomerang  > Morph Spell

Reason: 1st priority up Dragon Cats Summons because it is ultimate skill. 2nd priority is boomerang because it is Nana main attack and spammable skill. Morph Spell is the last option for upgrade because level 1 and max level Morph Spell, it still transform enemy hero into Dragon Cat for 3 seconds.

Recommended Emblem Set:
Magic Assassin Set
+14.19 Magic Damage Reduction / +9.41 Magic Power / 5.02% Cooldown Reduction / +30.93 Hp / +2.01% Movement Speed.
Reason: This emblem set is focus on Magic Damage Reduction which allow Nana’s boomerang skill does more damage on target.

Recommended Battle Spells:
Flicker is favourite battle spell. I use it to chase enemy target or escape from enemy chasing or relocate Nana into better position during team fight.

Recommended Item Build:
Reason: This item build is focus on Magic Power, Magic Pentration, Magic Damage Reduction, and Movement Speed

Item Analysis:

item 01.jpg
Greatly boost Nana magic power so that boomerang skill does more damage.

item 02.jpg
Increase HP, Magic Power, and Mana Regen (part of items is recommended as start up items)

item 03.jpg
Greatly boost movement speed and reduce target magic attack resistance. Hence magic attack skill does more damage.

item 04.jpg
Increase Magic Power, Mana Regen, Movement Speed and slow down target. Slowing down target is very good for Nana as support, and increase Dragon Cat Summon hit rate.

item 05.jpg
Increase Magic Power, Movement Speed, reduce target magic attack resistance. Hence magic attack skill does more damage.

item 06.jpg
Final slot for Astral Wand, only require single slot to craft. Increase Magic Power and reduce target magic attack resistance. Hence magic attack skill does more damage.

item 07.jpg
After make all 6 items and having a lot gold, Blood Wing is the best option. Greatly boots Magic Power. I recommend sell Astral Wand or Arcane Boots for buying Blood Wings.

Recommended Startup Item:

item 09.jpg

Reason: To avoid Nana running out of mana while spamming boomerang, Magic Necklace and Tome of Evil is critical item for Nana at game start

Important Notes:
Nana is a range magic attack skill based hero with low HP. Thus, don't let enemy get too close to Nana. Stay distance and strike. Magic Power, Magic Damage Reduction, Magic Penetration is important things to take note because these things can increase Nana skill damage. Take the advantage of boomerang attack range and attack enemy from great distance. I notice that there is some guide recommend using physical attack gear due to Nana has high attack speed, but I strongly not recommended because Boomerang and Dragon Cat Summons do more damage than physical attack. Hit and run is my playstyle when using Nana.

Hope you like my guide and happy《MOBILE LEGENDS BANG BANG》


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lchristiandi replied at 2017-4-7 23:22
how much you get the diamond m8?

I got 300 diamonds bruh :D
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