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Marksmen battle >Layla vs Miya<

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Post time 2017-1-18 04:35 AM | Show all posts |Read mode
So, Layla and Miya are my favorite marksmen, but I was thinking : who would win in a 1v1 scenario?
I'm not trying to promovate one ore flush the water on the other, neither define the ranked must-picks; I am geniunly curious about everyone's opinions ! :)
And, even tho in this 1v1 scerio Miya may get victorious (because of the attack speed increase with every arrow hit), I am waiting to hear Layla mains as well.
Also, which are the other scenarios Layla is better than Miya?
What buits would make one of them "over-powered" ?
Which were your glorious moments as any of them?

Waiting for all your opinions down below :)
Have a cool night, everyone !

PS: Poll options are just for amusement. I hate neither of them; I even like 'em both very much
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Post time 2017-1-18 04:49 AM | Show all posts
Assuming that both player that will use this are amateurs.

If they will fight standstill, no items, both level 15, Miya will win. Considering her passive, 1st skill additional dmg and 2nd skill freeze also ultimate.

If they will fight while moving, Layla will win. Because Miya's 2nd skill which make her ahead of Layla a little because of freeze is avoidable. While, Layla has target-locked skills and a ultimate with huge range.

Additional, Layla is strong in Early game while Miya is a late game hero.

If Miya equipped with Blade of Destruction and Scarlet Phantom, she'll be dishing out pretty much everyone already.
Layla isn't good in late game. First, because her skills need to be aimed perfectly except 2nd. Second, she has no escape skills unlike Clint backward push and Miya's Ultimate. And, lastly she's really squishy same with Miya.

Overall, it still depends on how you'll play them and deciding factor is your first build, teamwork, team heroes skill combination and lastly farming.
Post time 2017-1-18 04:58 AM | Show all posts
Is dificcult question because depends Many factors
 Author| Post time 2017-1-18 05:00 AM | Show all posts
Ptolomaea replied at 2017-1-18 04:49
Assuming that both player that will use this are amateurs.

If they will fight standstill, no items, ...

"Additional, Layla is strong in Early game while Miya is a late game hero."

Very much agree with that ! xD
I was getting squashed by fighters in early stages of battles while playing both of them but with Miya was a real struggle, because  was hoping to achieve that fast attack - lot of damage - lil' of regen - kind of attack
Layla was close to never (in my experience) extremely exceptional, but gets sheet done (sorry for being rude xD . ask and I'll edit)
That being said, best part with Miya remains holding attack and getting kills and best (and also funniest) part with Layla is that you can get kills if you shoot your ult blindly in a crowd of people xD
 Author| Post time 2017-1-18 05:03 AM | Show all posts
MarcianoHacks1 replied at 2017-1-18 04:58
Is dificcult question because depends Many factors

Indeed, hat's why I asked ! :D
I'm listening, continue...
Post time 2017-1-18 05:06 AM | Show all posts
MAYDAY replied at 2017-1-18 05:00
"Additional, Layla is strong in Early game while Miya is a late game hero."

Very much agree with  ...

Exactly, Miya needs item to become a certified killer while Layla can killshot using her SS in a middle of teamfights Haha! Still, Miya can dish out the whole enemy team while clashing because of her 1st skill which Layla can't.
Post time 2017-1-18 05:07 AM | Show all posts
Would have to do a statistic to chek
Post time 2017-1-18 06:38 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Layla is my most desired Marksman over Miya. That said Miya will easily out play Layla close range since they both pretty much build the same and Miya has added attack Speed where as Layla doesn't.
Post time 2017-1-18 06:44 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
But.. Layla has a longer range than Miya does and by using Fury Ability and blasting all of Layla's CD''s while maintaining a distance gap Layla will wipe miya out.. providing Miya doesn't build a shield absorb at 30% then it can get tricky. But you also have to think about the plays. Is Miya more fed than Layla? Level gaps also have to be included.  If Layla is level 8 for example and Miya level 10 then there's already an outplay. Same with items Miya could have a bigger AD build than Layla or vice versa. And then finally there's the player.. Are they skilled enough to Duke. Best plays are made by weaving in and out of the bush as to lose target lock. In a true sense both heroes are equal the only advantage ofc is speed of Miya.. but Layla does more damage to ranged heroes as her passive.. so it balances the competition out. I myself Layla over Miya but that's my style
Post time 2017-1-19 12:24 PM | Show all posts

Trades - Miya wins from her attack speed buffs
Poke/kite - Layla is better because of her range
Scaling - Miya snowball harder harder than any marksman in game because of her attack speed buffs.

Miya wins for sure. Layla's skills are very predictable and a good Miya can dodge Layla's ultimate.

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