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[Hero Techniques] Get Started with: Bane!

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Get Started with: Bane!

Gameplay video to see Bane in action with this build!

Highlights: 09:58 - 11:04 - 12:38 - 14:37


Skills and Passive

Passive [Shark Bite]: Every 6s Bane's weapon gets empored, his next basic attack will deal extra damage (30%-60% based on level) and splash to targets nearby also slowing them.
- This passive is very nice because of the big aoe slow it provides, the damage aspect is also nice and not to be undervalued.

1st Skill [Crab Claw Cannon]: Bane fires at a specified target dealing damage to it, other enemies near the target will receive 50% of the damage. Damaged targets will be slowed by 60% and will get their armor reduced (amount is based on skill level) for 2s.
- An amazing utility skill for the slow factor, the armor reduction and because with the right build you will be able to use it quite often.

2nd Skill [Rum]: Bane places rum on the ground healing all ally heroes in the aoe, the heal amount increases with skill level.
- This skill has a long cooldown and is arguably the best healing skill in the game (the con is that it only heals in that aoe).

Ultimate Skill [Air Assault]: Bane summons a battleship which will move in the specified direction while shooting at enemies in the area. It also deals 30% damage to buildings.
- Very strong and useful skill to deal aoe damage during fights, block escape paths, etc.


Item Build

1st Item - Dominance Ice: High armor amount, very strong passive, big amount of mana to sustain our skill usage so that we have to go back to base less often, 15% cooldown reduction which is key for this build.
2nd Item - Magic Shoes: Again, CDR is key for this build and we get 10% more with these boots.
3rdItem - Hunter's Knife: Our last CDR item bringing us to 35% (+ the CDR from your Tank Emblem which depends on its level). It also gives us a lot of flat damage which is useful mostly to boost our ultimate. The passive isn't that important. With this high amount of CDR you will be able to spam your first skill in less than 3s, your heal will be available very often and you can use your ultimate everytime you wish because of its very low cd.
4th Item - Immortality: High HP, magic resist and an awesome passive which also makes you a bad target to focus.
5th Item - Wind Chaser: Cheap, nice damage and armor penetration, good for a nice boost of damage (again, mostly for your ultimate).
6th Item - Demon's Advent: One of the best all around defense item to improve our survivability even more.

Emblem Set: Tank, we make good use of all the stats it gives us, cooldown reduction being the best one of them.


Battle Spell

Flicker: Because of its utility and overall versatility.
Purify: Situationally it could be better than Flicker during fights.
Stun: Decent with this utility build, you can pick it if you are missing the other two.



1) Max your 2nd skill first, improving the heal asap is very important. The 1st skill scales nicely because you get lower cd and higher armor penetration but armor penetration is not that important early game so it's ok to max it after the 2nd.
2) You 2nd skill placement is extremely important, that said it's not just your job to place it correctly but your allies also need to know how to play with it.
3) Your first skill is amazing (in the lategame you will be able to spam it every < 3s seconds) because of the slow but more so because of the high armor penetration it provides, you pretty much hard counter all the tanks and anyone who builds armor. Your allies of course also need to focus the target you hit with your first skill for best results.
4) Blue buff is decent on you on the early-mid game, you don't need it in the mid-late game. You aren't an high priority target so watch out for other teammates who might need it more than you. Red buff isn't really that good with this build so unless it's going to get wasted you shouldn't ever take it.
5) Immortality is very good in this build because if you die you can usually heal yourself up to a decent amount of hp while you have the Immortality shield by using your 2nd skill.
6) Your ultimate is amazingly strong for the damage it provides (it also hits buildings!) and because you can deny a big area since enemies will always try to run away from it to avoid fighting inside of it. A good ultimate placement can easily win fights for your team.
7) Know your role, you aren't there to deal a lot of damage (outside of your ult and 1st skill spam), you are there to support your team getting kills (with your ultimate and 1st skill) and keeping them alive (with your 2nd skill).
8) Remember to use your 1st skill on Jungle Monsters and Turtle\Lord, they have armor so your armor reduction from your 1st skill will make them take more damage.



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Man you make cool stuffs :D
 Author| Post time 2017-8-10 07:24 AM | Show all posts
Ryu~ replied at 2017-8-9 12:44 PM
Man you make cool stuffs :D

Thank you! :D
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Wow!!, thank you this really help a lot
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