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[Official Forum Event] MLBB Collecting all Hero Guides

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Hello everyone, I’m very glad that I have received a lot of guides from our dear players last week. Here, I’m honored to present who they are for you all:
2001 2480197 [Creed]Lemon Global No.8 Kagura
2018 14336176 NateNear Korea No.2 Freya
3041 32182259 WAR❄閃電王 Taiwan No.1 Yi Sun-shin
3204 26257797 No·Mercy|Lex Global No.2 Akai
6015 9841180 Mindereak Youtuber
2022 19723437 苍穹红莲风刃
3201 8552664 JDaleGaming
3029 20776110 DA-Mothersass
2026 20706264 Jauregui
3201 8552664 JDaleGaming
3031 23254410 sheenkz09
2206 33415575 Clozdark
These players will receive a reward in the game this week. Congratulation for them all!

In order to help new users learn more about the different features of our new heroes, and to help them get into the game quicker, our official Mobile Legends team has decided to hold a Mobile Legends Heroes Guide Collection event.
Event Prizes:Top 3 players with the best Hero Guides will also be selected & will win: 500 diamantes  and your guide will be published under your name on both our official website and in the game.
Any Player's guide, if showcased by our team (no upper limit), each user will also receivea prize of: 100-200 diamantes
All winning users will have the chance toget promoted by our official platforms including our MLBB website, Facebook,forums, etc!

Event Prizes:Top 3 players with the best Hero Guides will also be selected & will win: 500 diamantes  and your guide will be published under your name on both our official website and in the game.
Any Player's guide, if showcased by our team (no upper limit), each user will also receivea prize of: 100-200 diamantes
All winning users will have the chance toget promoted by our official platforms including our MLBB website, Facebook,forums, etc!

Our MLBB team decides to launch 5 heroes every week for you to make the guide. And the new 5 heroes will be replaced in the next week. Please don’t forget mark your ID, your Rank level and your name in the game when you post your guide in the forum. For this week, the heroes which we prepared for you are Eudora, Bruno, Bane, Yun Zhao, and Tigreal! Don't hesitate, send us an application immediately!

Some Event Rules:
1. All guides should discuss, and only discuss about either the 5 heroes weekly. You can make comparisons to other heroes as long as it is still centered on the featured Hero.
2. All guides should contain facts about the Hero first, before discussing your opinion and tips along the discussion.
3. All guides MUST contain the Skill Set of the featured Hero. These skills are what makes the Hero different from others, so include the information about all the 3 skills, and discuss thoroughly each skill base from your experience and opinion.
4. Orderliness and Neatness is a plus factor. The way how you present your ideas is a big factor, the more neat and ordered it is, the more easy to understand.
5. Images and Videos are plus factors. Some things are better explained with pictures and videos. I do encourage everyone to be creative and unique.

Regarding copyrights of video & hero guides:
1. All final copyrights of the videos and guides belong to you, and under the partnership agreement, you agree to license the rights to Mobile Legends official team for non-profit use;
2. All final copyrights of the videos and guides belong to you, and under the partnership agreement, you agree to license the rights to Mobile Legends official team for non-profit use;
3. If you have other queries regarding the above, please feel free to contact us, we will amend and supplement our agreement terms as needed asap, thanks!

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--------------| I AM THUNDERSTRUCK|-----------

Eudora is one of the mage type hero in the game who can deal a lot of damage and believe me there are only few mages who can do that some of which is kagura and alice. She is also the most cheapest mage in the game so far which means victory is just on that fair amount of bp you have to pay to buy her. Eudora, if built with the right items can make the team have a greater chance of winning in team fights .

Role: Mage
Specialty: Damage/Reap
Bp: 2000
Tickets: 299


Ever since she was an apprentice wizard, Eudora's special talent for controlling lightning always shocked (no pun intended) her many teachers. After a brief period of study, her teachers discovered she had already mastered all they had to teach her. Yearning to continue her progress, Eudora set foot on the road to the Land of Dawn, believing that her lightning magic could reach new heights in that turbulent land.




Gives the target a Superconductor effect which will amplify the effects of other abilities.

This passive is what you have to keep in mind because this will help you a lot .

Cooldown:6.5Mana Cost:80

Uses forked lightning to deal 320 magic damage to enemies in a conical area in front of the hero, also causing enemies who received a Superconductor effect to lose 25 magic resistance

This is the recommended first skill to get at the beginning of the game because of its poking ability and wide spread damage as it can hit multiple target at once.

Cooldown:12Mana Cost:90

Strikes an enemy with a bolt of lightning, dealing 280 magic damage and stunning the target for 1s. Enemies who received a Superconductor effect will be stunned for an additional ls.

This skill is very helpful because of its versatility. It can be used in fighting , escaping and chasing down or disabling enemies. You can use this to disable the most vital enemy hero like marksman or assassin. Be sure to stack the level of this ability last.

Cooldown:22Mana Cost:130

Summons a great storm of lightning, dealing 400 magic damage to enemies in the area. Deals an additional 15% dmg to enemies who received a Superconductor effect. Deals an extra 15% damage if it only hits a single enemy.

This ability is one my favorites. It can deal a lot of damage to one or more enemy hero. It can put out almost anyone exemption to a full health tank. Make sure to put a superconductor to the enemies first then hit them with this and Ka blaw! Smokes and ashes the enemy team bit the dust.

                -Skill progression-


Your passive is the key to owning the battlefield and making it rain aces for your team

[Battle spell]

Most people use Flicker as their battle spell to get a good position in team fights or gap the enemy before they attack you but in my personal opinion assault is the best spell for Eudora as it gives her a higher survival rate when being chased down by enemies or higher chasing rate when following enemies .


The most preferred emblem for eudora is the magic emblem . enrich it and own the battle ground .


Item guide .


Enchanted Talisman

+55Magic Power
+30Mana Regen
+20%Cooldown Reduction
Unique PassiveMana Spring:A kill or assist regens 20% of hero\'s Mana within 5 seconds.

Build this first so that you can spam your first skill without worrying about your mana . because mana is the key to a succesful team fight.


Magic Shoes

+10%Cooldown Reduction
+40Movement Speed

Enchanted talisman plus magic shoes gives you 30% cooldown reduction plus the passive of the item enchanted talisman. . this combination is great for spaming skills without hesitation


Guardian Relic

+90Magic Power
+25%Magic Power
Unique PassiveExterminate:After a skill hits a target, magic attack will immediately increase 15%. The next skill damage will terminate this effect. This effect can last up to 3s with a built-in cooldown time of 10s.

Time for some damage with this you can early dominatw someone who is vulnerable or busy taking down a turret or chasing team mates as it gives you 90 + magic damage .


Blood Wings

+150Magic Power
Unique PassiveCovenant:Adds 2 HP for every 1 pt of magic power added.

With the added damage by this item you can deal a lot of damage.  By this time youre in the mid game and probably seen lots of kills and deaths by your team and the other .


Astral Wand

+65Magic Power
+40%Magic Penetration
Unique PassiveStarlight:When HP is over 70%, the unique attribute for this equipment will increase 30%.

Buy this item for its passive of penetration . if the enemy tank has no magoc resistance in any way with this item combined with the previous ones above you can minimize that green bar of the enemy in no time .

Lastly .

+150Magic Power
Unique PassiveCovenant:Adds 2 HP for every 1 pt of magic power added.

Get this item again for added 150+ magic damage .

Combos and strategy

In laning.

Do not . i repeat do not go alone . as i have said earlier you can 1v1 a person but in early games this is a pretty bad idea . make sure that you always have a companion a hitter or a fighter or assassin to secure any kills. Spam first skills to minions and or heroes.

In team fights .

In team fights get a good position either to the right or to the left or on the back of enemy line . again with a companion . use the first skill and make sure that you hit them all with it for the super conductor to kick in ... Lock in on whichever squishy target you can find and use your ulti ... If enemy heroes are all clumped together using the third will deal burst damage to surrounding enemies as well and because of the super conductor you put on them when you used your first skill. Act fast as the passive wont last long.

In pvp

In pvp use the second then the ulti if not dead yet use the first skill .. If nkt dead yet follow with assault and second skill again then first skill. If that doesnt kill it its either your facing a tank or you should get away from it as quickly as possible.

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sheenkz09 Tigreal Guide

Tigreal Dark Knight-overview.jpg

Tigreal Dark Knight-Abilities.jpg

Note IMO: Abilities wise all I can say Tigreal is one of the best tank charactes in Mobile legends, he got all arsenal for tanking, ganking, and crowd controlling abilities and skills, I really suggest on new players on using Tigreal is you need to know his abilities and practice it WISELY I say it Again WISELY!, maybe at first time it will be hard for you to get rid of it, but in a long run if you will just practice and practice you will master him.

Skills Explaination:
• Passive skill(Fearless) - Increases armor per attack that lasts for a set duration, its good for bossting your physical and magical defense.
• 1st active skill(Attack Wave) - Deals damage in a wide line in front of Tigreal and slows them for a set duration. This skill is good to use for harassing enemies in lane because of its range and low cooldown.
• 2nd active skill(Sacred Hammer) - Deals damage and pushes any enemy in front of Tigreal's charge to a set distance and knock up all enemies in a short set range and radius infront of Tigreal. This ability what makes tigreal very deadly a very good crowd controling ability.
• 3rd active skill(Implosion) - Pulls in enemies in a set radius around Tigreal then stuns them whiles also dealing damage.

• Before you will engage you can try to pump up and stack your Physical and Magical defense by making an auto attack, I dont why if this is a bug but i found out that the passive will trigger whenever you auto attack even without hitting anything, atleast 4 to 5 auto attack will do.
• In team clash dont forget to always to auto attack to stack your passive ability for additional Physical and Magical defense.
• Be mind that your 2nd ability can't be used on passing thru walls or blocking terrain, always use it on wide space wihtout any obstractions.

Tigreal Dark Knight-Item Builds.jpg

Note IMO: This builds will be interchanged it depends on any scenarios keep it mind since you are a tank and you are always on the front line you should always check the enemy composition whether you will go for physical defence items or magical defence boost items or balance build items. Mostly I use Build 1 or Build 2 because i found out that suits on my playstyle, I like the Ice force and tandem with Dominance Ice on their Unique Passive abilities which will make them move slower good for chasing and allowing me to be upfront and land my skills properly.

• First item go for Boots after you will earn more gold you can make Warrior Boots for additional +armor or go for Rapid Boots for additional moving speed good for chasing and repositioning your self easily.
• Second item go for Cursed Helmet for Unique Passive-Sacrifice: Deals 2% of one's max HP as magic damage per second to nearby enemies, its very good for early game since Tigreal is lack of damage.
• Third item go for Ice Force this will help you on chasing and slowing down enemies, Unique Passive-Frost Strike: Basic attacks will have a 25% chance of lowering target movement speed 35%, and also it has +30 physical attack and +1000 HPvery good for it will enhance his damage and HP for tankiness.
• Fourth item go for Bloodthirsty King any tank should have this since most of the time tanks do support and the Unique Passive-Bloodlust: A kill or assist regens 20% of hero's HP within 5s, this will give you survivability on a team clash.
• Fifth Item at this point you can choose whether you go for additional Defense on Magical or Physical boost, most of the time I base my decision on what enemy heroes that deal a ton of damage.

If you go for Additional Phyiscal defense go for :
Blade Armor for +100 armor and Unique Passive-Counterstrike: Deals 25% of opponent's physical attack as physical damage to an attacker when a basic attack is received.
Demon's Advent for more +920 HP and +54 armor Unique Passive-Deter: When an enemy hero attacks, this ability will reduce his/her attack power by 4%. This effect lasts 2s and can stack up to 3 times this will make tigreal to stand more damage on frontline.

If you go for Magical Defense:
Oracle for +850 HP, +36 Magic Resistance, +10% cooldown reduction with a Unique Passive-Scream: Within 4s after being attacked, the hero will regen 4% HP. This effect has a 8s cooldown time, good for magical resistance and cooldowns this will make tigreal execute his skills better since it hand 10% cooldown.
Saint's Refuge for +900 HP and +56 Magic resistance with a Unique Passive-Refuge: Every 30s, get one shield that can absorb 450~1150 damage. (Shield effect increases as the battle goes on.).

• Sixth Item I would recommend Immortality specially on Late game this is really handy for you most of the time you will be infront on any clash this will save you in a time of need, +800 HP and +40 Magic resistance with a Unique Passive-Rebirth: Resurrect 2s after dying and get 15% HP and shield that can absorb damage equal to 40% max HP. Shield lasts for 3s. Cooldown for this effect is 180s.

Tigreal Dark Knight-Battle Spells.jpg

Note IMO: All I can say is Flicker is the best battle spell you can use on Tigreal which it really compliment on his other abilities i will just explain how to use this skill wisely in conjuction with your other abilities, if you just starting out and you dont have flicker you can use purify for anti Crownd Control.

Tigreal Dark Knight-Spells.jpg

Note IMO: You can use this both emblem depending on what highest level you have.

REMINDER:  Before anything else before we talk about combo's I just want to stressed out that nothing beats a good team composition, since Tigreal is a tank he needs a support to his team specially tigreal is lacking on damage output so you should consider to build your team composition into atleast 2 to 3 high DPS heroes either Marksman (Clint, Moskov, Miya etc.), Mages (Gord, Eudora etc.), Fighters (Alpha, Alucard, etc.) and also atleast 1 support (Rafaela), Tigreal Job is to tank and crowd control the enemies specially on the team clash, which it will make easier for your teamates to hit and kill your enemies if you will do your role properly.  

Tigreal Dark Knight-Combo skills-set1.jpg

COMBO 1 & COMBO 2 This combo what makes Tigreal very deadly specially if the enemy team is not aware if you are going to initiate this killing combo, to make it easier for you to understand is think of it that "You are going to give a  present for your teamates" hehe makes sense right? I will explain further for you to understand, first is to initiate using the flicker but be mind this is the crucial part of the process if you fail to make it properly it will cause a big loss for your team, either you will be killed or all of your team will be at risk so always and always think of it before you do it so be wise. I would advice that If you going to initiate keep in mind that the enemy team is close proximity with each other atleast 2 or 3 better if they are 5 enemy on close together, then use flicker on them, after that use your 3rd skill (Implosion) automatically, if the enemy is caught on your Implosion since they will be suck on the center it will be easier for your to use your 2nd skill (Sacred Hammer) and drag them to your teamates and press again the 2nd ability to airborn them to have additional CC and to add time for your teamates to kill them, and use your 1st skill (Attack Wave) to slow them down if they are going to escape, position yourself ahead of the escaping enemy then use your 2nd skill and 1st skill again. This proceedure same in Combo 1 and Combo 2 only varies on skill alteration.

• Hide on bush if available, its easy to initiate this attack if the enemy is not aware of your pressence.
• This combo will be more effective if you going initiate this and push enemies to your tower for additional damage.
• Priorities ADC or High damagers on the enemies side if given a chance.

Tigreal Dark Knight-Combo skills-set2.jpg

COMBO 3 this combo is good for Harrassing your enemy specially when you are in pushing tower, your goal here is to intimidate and strike fear to the enemy team.. but you need to have atleast one teamate on your side. First is you need to be upfront and get closer to the enemy heroes once you are close to them use your 2nd skill (Sacred Hammer) and drag him towards to your teamate and launch again your airborn skill by pressing 2nd Skill again, this will make more exposure time for you and your teamate to launch attack , then position your self ahead of the enemy so that he can't escape you can use your 1st skill (Attack Wave) to slow him and if necessary you can use your 3rd Skill (Implosion : optional) for additional stun or finishing him off.

• This combo will be more effective if you going initiate this and push enemies to your tower for additional damage.

COMBO 4 this combo is good for chasing any escaping enemy after the team clash and also for ganking unaware enemy who just roaming around, you can launch directly using your 1st skill (Attack Wave) to slow them down and use 2nd skill (Sacred Hammer) directly towards to the target enemy hero and use your airborn skill by pressing 2nd skill again, or the second option is you can use 2nd skill  (Sacred Hammer)  first directly towards to target enemy hero and use your ariborn skill and use your 1st skill (Attack Wave) to slow him down, now your teamates have more exposure time to kill the enemy hero, position your self ahead and use your 1st skill (Attack wave) if he tries to escape or you can use your 3rd skill (Implosion : optional) for additional stun or finishing him off.

• Using your 2nd Skill (Sacred Hammer) you need to have a good distance to the target enemy hero, just keep an eye on the skill range indicator so that you can estimate the right distance to launch it. If you not aware it will lead to a risky situation, you might get overpush the enemy hero towards on their tower, or you will get over push it and you will be surrounded by enemy team, so be wise on using this approach.

Hope you like my guide, Thank you for taking time reading my Hero guide, Thanks to MLBB team more power to you guys! Peace yo!

Tigreal Dark Knight-Combo skills-set2.jpg
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Eudora, Lightning Sorceress Guide by KyreiSeiten
Eudora is a mage hero that cast powerful lightning magic skill that do deadly magic damage to target. This make Eudora a powerful range killer. Eudora can be obtained from shop by paying 2000 battle points.

High range attack
High magic damage
Powerful AOE skill
Can kill low health points (HP) enemy using single or combo skills

Weak basic attack
Low health points
Powerless when running out of mana
Only stun single target
No life steal

Skill analysis:


TIP: Using 3 skills together (Forked Lightning, Electric Arrow, Thunderstruck) to create a powerful combo that kill a single enemy instantly.

COMBO 1: Damage Combo
Electric Arrow  > Forked Lightning > Thuderstruck
Explaination: First, Electric Arrow will stun the target and target receives Superconductor effect. Second, Forked Lightning will damage the stunned target and does additional damage due to Superconductor effect. Final, Thuderstructuck will hit the target and delivery a dead blow to target.

COMBO 2: Stun Combo
Forked Lightning > Electric Arrow > Thunderstruck
Explanation: First, Forked Lightning will damage the target and receives Superconductor effect. Second, Electric Arrow will stun the target and target will be additional stunned longer due to Superconductor effect. Final, Thuderstructuck will hit the target and delivery a dead blow to target.

TIP: It is important remember that priority in skill upgrade is:
Thunderstruck > Forked Lightning > Electric Arrow
Reason: The priority is base on objective delivery powerful damage

Recommended Battle Spells:

bs flicker.jpg
Flicker is favourite battle spell. I use it to chase enemy target or escape from enemy chasing or relocate Eudora into better position during team fight.

bs purify.jpg
Purify is another favourite spell due to it can dispel any negative buff.

Recommended Emblem Set:
Magic Assassin Set
+14.19 Magic Damage Reduction / +9.41 Magic Power / 5.02% Cooldown Reduction / +30.93 Hp / +2.01% Movement Speed.
TIPS: This emblem set is focus on Magic Damage Reduction which allow Eudora does more damage on target and Cooldown Reduction which is very important due to Eudora relying skill to do magic damage.

Recommended  Items Build:

Eudora Item Build.jpg

Item Analysis:

Enchanted Talisman.jpg
TIPS: This item give HP (Eudora HP is low), Magic Attack (boost Eudora attack), Mana Regen (more mana for spam skill) and 20% Cooldown Reduction (reduce skill CD allow skill cast frquently).  Cost 1970 gold is consider cheap item for early stage of game. Recommend buy this item first.

Arcane Boots.jpg
TIPS: This item give Magic Damage Reduction (more damage) and moving speed (move faster). I recommend this item instead of magic shoe because I want more damage.

Flame of Fury.jpg
TIPS: This item give magic power (more damage), abit movement speed (additional movement speed) and magic damage reduction (more damage again). This item has unique passive - Scorch that does magic damage for 3 seconds (more damage). Cost 1820g make this item super worth for a damage dealer in early stage of game.

Guardian Relic.jpg
TIPS: This item greatly boost Eudora magic damage making her more deadly than ever.

Fleeting Time.jpg
TIPS: This item give magic power (more damage), mana regen (more mana for spam skill), 20% Cooldown reduction (additional 20% means now have 40% skill CD, this is great). It’s unique passive  - Timestream trigger when Eudora kill an enemy hero, all skill under CD will be reduce 20% CD immediately (this is awesome).

Astral Wand.jpg
TIPS: After making 5 items, so now left 1 item slot. In order to fully utilize this slot, I recommend Astral Wand. This item use only 1 slot to build, cheap and powerful. It give magic damage and magic penetration (more damage). It’s unique passive – Starlight activate when Eudora HP is above 70% and give Eudora more magic damage.

Blood Wings.jpg
TIPS: This is the most powerful magic attack item in-game which come with extremely cost. Build this item if you have a lot gold. Recommend buy this item after build all 6 items above. Replace either Arcane Shoe or Astra Wand with this item (normally I will choose shoe to be replaced due to late game movement speed is not so important).

Eudora is very depend on skill to make kill. Magic Damage Reduction, Super Conductor effect, Magic Attack, Skill CD reduction are the important things to be consider. She isn't front line hero, so stay distance with enemy and find a good position during team fight (in order avoid being targeted). Eudora passive skill allow her work with other reap type magic attack heroes (eg. Katrina and Nana) very well.

Hope you like my guide and HAPPY MOBILE LEGENDS BANG BANG.


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Edited by Kardania at 2017-3-28 15:27

Tigreal the Warrior of Dwan Guides by Kardania

Intro : I can say that Tigreal is thoughest tank if you can play with him. He is very useful during team fight. Why? coz Tigreal ultimate skill is crown control type!! :lol


here I will explain ... :D

Passive skill : It said for every basic attack you make to enemy, it increase your physical and magic resistance, so it's hard to kill Tigreal.

skill 1.png
1st skill : Dealing damage to enemy in the area, and slowing them for 65%. Use this when enemy trying to escape.

skil 2.png
2nd skill : 1st click will push the enemy in the certain area, and 2nd click will knocking enemy airbone. Use this skill to push enemy to your tower or push enemy melee hero backward during team fight, so they don't have alot of space between range and melee hero.

skil 3.png
3rd skill : Pulling surrounding enemy to you, and also stunning them for 1.5 second. This is very useful, try to combo with 2nd skill to disturbing enemy.

here is the best emblem for tigreal

reason : when reach max level, this emblem will give you 300 hp and some armor/magic resistance, making hard to kill Tigreal. Also it give you 5% cooldown reduction for skill and some HP regen, very useful.

this is the best spell for Tigreal

note : I think this spell is best for tigreal, why? you can push enemy to their own tower, stunning them, and kill enemy inside their tower without recieving any damage from enemy tower. Very usefull during team fight, when your enemy trying to hold on their tower.

This is my item set for Tigreal, lot of Tigreal user only focusing their item to physical armor, make him weak against mage or hero with magic attack. :victory:

Explanation :
1. Bloodthirsty King, give you lot of HP, and regen 20% of your HP when you kill enemy or get assist
2. Tough boots, increase your movement speed, and also give you some magic resistance
3. Heart of Steel, give you physical armor, HP regen and 880 HP, also reduce crit strike chance by enemy for 20%, good against markman who focuing their item to crit strike
4. Cursed Helmet, give you 920 HP and 50 magic resistance. This item will deals 1.5% max HP from you, to nearby enemy every second, useful during team fight.
5. Demon's Advent, give you 920 HP and 54 physical armor. Very good item, it reduce enemy attack power 6%.
6. Immortality, give you 800 HP and 40 magic resistance. It's give you second chance after you death, give you 15% HP and shield for 3 second.

Skill combo :
1. Hide in the bush, wait until enemy closer to your tower, use 2nd skill to push them to your tower and also knocking them airbone, and use 3rd skill when they are trying to escape, and use 1st skill to slow them down, so your teammates can kill them easily.
2. During team fight, just be patient first, wait a good timing. Then use 2nd skill to push melee hero to their range hero, and use 3rd skill to stun all of them, make your teammates take less damage, and also have a bigger chance to kill all enemy. Use 1st skill if they trying to escape.
3. Don't forget to maximise your passive skill before take any combat, hit anything or just click your basic attack button on anywhere, even without enemy. to increase your armor and magic resistance.

Note : Tigreal is a good tank if you can use him, he have area stun skill, make him perfect to combo with any  team hero. Also Tigreal is cheap, and you can buy his skin only with 65 fragment in the shop. ;P



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Edited by Ryouva at 2017-3-28 21:50

Chaotic Survivor Build
Current price
  2.000 Battle Points, flame red lips skin (299 diamonds), Christmas cheers(250  premium skin fragments)

Background story
Ever since she was an apprentice wizard,  Eudora\'s special talent for controlling lightning always shocked (no pun  intended) her many teachers. After a brief period of study, her teachers  discovered she had already mastered all they had to teach her. Yearning to  continue her progress, Eudora set foot on the road to the Land of Dawn, believing that her lightning magic could reach  new heights in that turbulent land.
Super Conductor (Passive Lightning Sorceress): Gives the target a  "Superconductor" effect which will amplify the effects of other  abilities.
Opinion: “Superconductor” is the most important buff in Eudora kit to deal  lot of damage to the enemy, but this passive ability also  meaning that the first skill is the trigger so you must choose which skill  that trigger the extra damage for the next skill.
Hint: superconductor  status didn’t last long so quickly trigger the next skill before you miss it.
Forked Lightning (Skill 1): Uses forked lightning to  deal  magic damage to enemies in a  conical area in front of the hero, also causing enemies who received a  Superconductor effect to lose  magic resistance.
Opinion: Eudora  forked lightning was a good AoE damage skill that help you killing enemy team  in team fight.
Hint: the shape of  the AoE range is “V” which mean the skill won’t hit enemy in left side, right  side, and behind you.
Electric Arrow (Skill 2): Strikes an enemy with a  bolt of lightning, dealing magic damage and stunning the target.  Enemies who received a Superconductor effect will be get an additional stun  time.
Opinion: Eudora second skill is used to prevent the enemy from running away  or to trigger superconductor status for single target.
Hint : if you hold the skill button and drag it you can choose the target  that will be stunned.

Thunderstruck (Skill 3): Summons a great storm of  lightning, dealing magic damage to enemies in the area. Deals an additional damage  to enemies who received a Superconductor effect. Also deals an extra  damage to the main target.
Opinion: The killing skill of Eudora, it has a good AoE range and deal lots  of damage.
Hint : you must  press the skill quickly after superconductor status shown in the enemy to  give them extra damage, but you also must not forget to not aim the main  focus of the skill to the enemy hero not minion.
Skill Build step by step: first,second,second,third,first,first,second,third,first,second,first,third,first,second,second
[ 1,2,2,3,1,1,2,3,1,2,1,3,1,2,2]
Opinion: because  both of the skill is important so I tried to balance it before focus in first  skill for the late game.

Battle spell that  used: Healing spell
To increase the survivability of the team and Eudora herself, I  recommend to use this battle spell.Step by step build  list:
Other build (in case the enemy have  assassin or more than one marksman) :
Main objectives of the build :
Deals lots of damage as the main hero damager.
  - Target the main damager of the enemy team and kill them first before they  annihilate your team.
Build information:
Elegant Gem(part of first build item): [+300 hp +400 mana]
elegant gem is the  sub build of the Eternal specter that the first item should be built in this Eudora playstyle guide,  cause elegant gem give Eudora extra regen 20% of hp and mana every level up,  which mean increase the survivability of Eudora before the first build item  done .

Eternal Specter: [+60  magic power +600 hp +615 mana]
This item giving Eudora  in magic power, hp, and mana. But the most important of that is the unique  passive ability that increase Eudora damage and hp as long as her survive in  the battlefield.

Astral wand: [+60 magic power +40%~70% magic damage penetration]
The second item to  be build, this magic weapon give Eudora 40% magic damage penetration which  mean lots of extra damage and also this weapon is the signal to start the  team battle after the build done.

Magic shoes: [+40% movement speed +10% cooldown reduction]
This movement item  is the cheap cooldown reduction Eudora needed in the game after Eudora start  the team battle with this build.

Fleeting time: [+70 magic power +15 mana regen +20% cooldown reduction]
more damage and the  second cooldown reduction of this build, the most interesting about this item  is the passive which give extra cooldown reduction after assist or killing  the enemy hero.
Guardian relic: [+90 magic power +25% magic power]
High boost of magic  power to Eudora offensive damage.
Blood wings: [+150 magic power]
The last item that  give loot of boost to magic damage, when this item built done Eudora damage  is so astonishing to make other enemy become scared to go in her range skill, this item also increasing Eudora health which mean increasing her survivability.
Immortality(second option other than blood wings): [+800hp +40 magic  resistance]
This item used when  the enemy composition have lots of ADC and to ensure Eternal Specter buff  exist longer.
Early game:
(single enemy)
Electric arrow  -> Forked Lightning(superconductor bonus) -> Thunderstruck(superconductor  bonus)
(team fight)
Forked Lightning  -> Thunderstruck(superconductor bonus) -> Electric arrow(superconductor  bonus)[to kill one of the enemy team and left the rest to teammate]
After Guardian Relic done:
(single enemy)
Electric arrow ->  Thunderstruck(superconductor bonus + Exterminate 15%magic power damage bonus)  -> Forked Lightning(superconductor bonus)
(team fight)
Forked Lightning  -> Thunderstruck(superconductor bonus + Exterminate 15%magic power damage  bonus) -> Electric arrow(superconductor bonus)

Playstyle Q&A
Q : emblem set to  use?
A : the most efficient one is magic emblem set, second option is magic  assassin emblem
Q : why not using other item than Eternal Specter as the first  item?
A : the biggest problem most of the case in every build is the “stagnating”  period to buy final item that cost more than 800 and give them lots of  disadvantage before the build done, but with Eternal specter every 30 seconds  Eudora get +5 magic power and +30 hp to keep her up to date in damage dealing  and survivability. But that’s not all of it the other good reason is Eternal  Specter can stack up to 10 times which mean after 300 seconds aka 5 minutes Eudora  have extra +50 magic power and + 300 hp also with the full stack bonus +5% magic  power and more extra + 300 hp (defensive and high offensive gear worth in one  gear)

Q : isn’t flicker much  better to ensure survivability?
A : healing spell is lowering the chance Eudora got ganked by the enemy team  because the survivability of the teammate increased with healing spell, also  healing spell can also be used to keep health higher than 70% to make astral  wind have 70% penetration, it also can negate the ambush damage by high  healing effect of the spell and start fighting back rather than flicker which  if misdirected make the situation worsen.
Q : which lane to go?
A : the best option is top lane to get cooldown reduction buff for early game  but if you want to ensure the first blood in your team hand you can go to  bottom lane with fighter/marksman/assassin which lead to head start high morale  of the team.

Q : when team fight  happen what should Eudora do?
A : do the team fight combo while hiding behind the tanks/initiator/fighter  of the team
Thank you for reading best regards.
  IGN    :  Clozdark
  ID      : 33415575
  Server : 2206
  Tier    : Legend


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reserved huhu , i will not gonna miss this event
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([RCS] Lumiere) Hero Guide Bruno

Plus    : Easy to Use, High Damage & Critical
Minus : Low Armor, Low HP

Item Build:

Item Build

Item Build




Skill Analysis:



Abilities Should Max First:
You must full the Skill 1 first and then Skill 3.
That’s the important skill for Bruno.
Because it will help you in team fight.
Skill 1 and Skill 3 important to max first.

Combos Analysis:
Wait your Tank to open the war.
Hit Behind your Melee Teammates (Tank, Fighter, Assassin) keep your position, don't dare to be in front line.
use your skill 1 to hit straight to the enemy, you can use your ulti when your enemy gather and close each other.

Battle Spell:
I recommend you to use Flicker Spell or Purify Spell or Fury Spell.
Because you have low armor and low hp.
Spell is insanely important for marksman.
Use Fury spell if you already good use marksman role.

Gear for Hero:
I recommend you to use my second build.
That build will let your Basic Attack have more damage and critical.
Also have a penetrate to hit the enemy with high armor.

Gear Analysis:

1st item,
Shoes| Take this item first. This item make you little fast to run and do basic attack speed.
2nd item,
Lifesteal Sword| The more important item for survive. You can still alive with this item. In the early game, the lifesteal doesn’t feel much. But in the late game, this is will help you to be a good makrsman and carry your whole team.
3rd item, Penetrate Item (To Ignore Enemy Armor)|
With this item, you'll get more damage to the enemy which have high armor. This item allows you to finishing kill your enemy more faster (especially Tank). The most Important Item for Marksman.
4th item, Basic Attack Buff| With this item, every 2s your Basic Attack will have 70% more damage and give you more lifesteal. This item absolutely good to combine with the 3rd item and 4th and 5th item in my build.
5th item, Attack Speed Sword| This item will give you more Attack Speed and Critical Chance. If you play any marksman, this item should be in your build.
6th item, Critical Sword| Damn. This item will give you more Critical Damage! That make this item so fit with Bruno Passive Skill. You must have this item.

Emblem Set:
Physical Emblem |
you know the reason dude. Haha Bruno is Physical hero type. I recommend you Physical Emblem. Cause it easy to collect them, than the other emblem.

Combat Tips:
For early game, keep calm and deadly. You're nothing at early game. hahaha at least, you must have a partner. you cant do much in early game. i recommend you fighter / tank hero to be your partner. you can go to the top lane or mid lane. but im always go to the top lane for the blue buff. If you the only one Marksman in your team, then go to Mid Lane. You can easily win with the mage or mm opponent if you have a partner. But, dont get too rush or you'll die in your greed. Take care with all hero that have stun skill. They can stun you and gank you. Keep patience, you'll have insanely power at late game. :p So, make your leveling quick to complete your item build by farming in the jungle too.

Team Fight Tips:
In team fight, I recommend you NOT STAND IN FRONT LINE, keep your position behind your tank / fighter. Use Bruno ulti when the enemy gather and close each other. When your opponent get busy with your 1st initiator teammate (Tank maybe), you can cast your skill 3. After that, kill the melee enemy first. When you 1 v 1, play smart. Use skill 1, then try run to your ball. You can use again your skill 1 / 2 if you get your ball back. If the enemy come to you, you can use skill 2 to stun or use it to run.

Hope you like my Bruno build!
And i hope that build will help you guys!



IGN    : [RCS] Lumiere
ID      : 14336176
Server : 2018
Tier    : Epic I

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