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sheenkz09 Mustang Johnson Hero Guide

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sheenkz09 Mustang Johnson Hero Guide

PROS: Durable, Engager, Crowd Controler
CONS: Moves Slowly

Item Build:

Reminder: Item build will depend on your playstyle, I usually use the Pure def or Damage/def build I found out that it really compliment on him.  In my experience I like to engage and chase enemies so i use Damage/def since it will have 20% cooldown and slowing effect specially the Dominance Ice and Ice Force for more slowing effect!


Tip: Good for anti CC

Tip: for additional engage and disengage
Electro-airbag (Passive):
When the hero's HP is lower than 30%, a shield will generate and last for awhile, absorbing an amount of damage based on his armor.

Tip: This ability will make you much tankier in team fights so dont be afraid on engaging on enemy!

Iron Sack (Skill 1):
Upgrades the pliers. Next basic attack will deal an extra magic damage that’sbased on the hero's armor and lower the enemy's movement speed. If the targetis affected by slowing effect, then they will be stunned.

Tip: Increase damage fromhis basic attack and reduces enemy’s movement speed. This also stun enemy forfew seconds. I will advice that to  pairit with your 2nd skill (MissileTackle) since it will give slow effect whenyou use your 2nd and it will automatically stun the enemy after that. This willbe your CC ability.

Missile Tackle (Skill 2):
Launches several vehicular missiles forward which can lock on at most 3 enemiesin a cone shaped area, dealing magic damage lowering their movement speed.

Tip: Johnson Mustangrelease missiles dealing magic damage and slowing enemies. Use it whenharassing and chasing enemies since it will deal slow effect to them, it reallycompliment with your 1st skill (Iron Sack)it will automatically stun the enemy so use it wisely!

Rapid Touchdown (Skill 3):

Passive: Increases some armor for the hero; Active: Johnson jumps up andtransforms into a car, which will accelerate increasingly. Teammates touched bythe car will be picked up and rush forward along with Johnson, up to 1teammate. When it hits the first enemy, it will explode, stunning the enemy anddealing magic damage to the target and nearby enemies according to the runningspeed of the car.

Tip: Johnson transformsinto autobot and can take along another teammate in accelerated attack. Thiscan stun the first enemy it hit. This can be used on both offense and defense.As for of defense, the immunity while under the state of his ultimate brings agood disengage. This ability what makes Johnson’s very deadly since you can goany part of the map in fast phase you just need to team up with any Marksman orMelee Fighters with High DPS so that you can easily ditch out any enemy. But bemind that this skill is hard to control if you are not aware of direction youwill go! I would suggest take a path in straight dont make a hard turns orcurves! just see this mini map:

Skill Combo:
Ganking or Engaging from long distance:
Rapid Touchdown (Skill 3) ->  Missile Tackle (Skill 2: for slow) -> Iron Sack (Skill 1: stun/CC) then repeat (Skill 2 and Skill 1 vise versa)

Engaging from close distance:
Missile Tackle (Skill 2: for slow) -> Iron Sack (Skill 1: stun/CC) then repeat (Skill 2 and Skill 1 vise versa)

Hope you like my Mustang Johnson's Hero guide! Keep Practicing guys! thanks to MLBB team more power to you! Peace yo!

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full mage build all the way
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