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Author: Jean
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Guide and Tips for Miya

Prons: Pretty, High Damage, High Attack Speed, Sweet Girl Voice, Able to solo Lord easily at high level

Cons: Low Health Points

Skills Analysis:

TIPS: I recommend max Fission Shot first instead of Rain of Arrows. It is because Fission Shot can do more damage while Rain of Arrow use for slow and freeze enemies.

Recommended emblem set:

TIPS: At max level
+6.71% Attack Speed / +16.25 Physical Attack / +8.12 Armor / +4.02% Movement Speed / +101.34 Hp / +2.32 Magic Resistance.
Jungle emblem set main focus is attack speed and movement speed.

Recomended ability:

Flicker help Miya escape when being aimed by ememies. You also can use flicker when chasing a target.

Fury give Miya boost in attack and attack speed.

Purify useful when fighting with enemy hero. It can use for escape or remove negative effects.

Recommended item set:

Items Analysis:

Tooth of Greed: Healing hp while attack. Important since Miya max hp is low. TIPS: This item help Miya regain HP points while attacking. Super great item.

Thor's Sting: +movement speed, +critical chance, and +attack speed. TIPS: This item work super great with Blade of Destruction.

Swift Boots: +attack speed and +movement speed. TIPS: Movement speed and attack speed is important for Miya.

Blade of Destruction: +attack, +critical attack chance and +max critical damage. TIPS: Thor's Sting get advantage from this item.

Wind Chaser: +physical attack, +physical penetration. TIPS: This is an anti-tanker weapon.

Magic Blade:  +60 physical attack, +20 magic resistance. TIPS: free shield when hp drop below 30%. I call this as hybrid item because it can use for attack and defend.

Blade of Despair: +attack, +attack speed, +critical chance, + addition damage to enemy that in abnormal state. TIPS: Dont make this item at early game.

Hunter's Knife: +20% Damage to Monsters and get extra experience from jungle monster.
TIPS: Cheap item worth to buy at game start. It make your hero level faster and kill jungle monster faster. Sell it later when you running out of item space.

FINAL TIPS: During team fight, don't stand too pack with others, don't walk in front of tanker, avoid being targeted, and stay in range.

Hope you like my Miya guide and happy Mobile Legends.






































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best guide? there is no best guide. every players playstyle is different. every game is different and requires different builds. thats my guide.
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Mobile Legends Ultimate Alpha Guide (Skills, Build, Tips and Tricks)

Click here if video is not loading

Hello everyone! Check out my Mobile Legends Alpha's Guide of Skills, Build/Gear, Tips and Tricks!
Watch my short subtitled video about Alpha! I hope you guys will learn something from this video! Alpha is one of the best fighter/semi-tank in Mobile Legends!

Item Build:
Hunter Strike
Warrior Boots
Ice Force
Tooth of Greed
Wind Chaser
Blade Armor

Emblem Set: Physical Emblem Set
Abilities: Arrival


About me:
JDale Legend.jpg

IGN: JDaleGaming
ID: 8552664
Server: 3201

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JDale replied at 2017-3-23 03:52
Mobile Legends Ultimate Alpha Guide (Skills, Build, Tips and Tricks)

Click here if video is not loa ...

Hi, bro! Could you give me your ID and your Rank please? You will receive a reward in next week.
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Jean replied at 2017-3-23 14:20
Hi, bro! Could you give me your ID and your Rank please? You will receive a reward in next week.

About me:

JDale Legend.jpg
IGN: JDaleGaming
ID: 8552664
Server: 3201
Thanks! I will make a Miya Guide later :)
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we can submit more than one ?
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--------------| QUEEN OF BANSHEES |-------------

Miya is the best marksman and the cheapest (next to layla which is free) in the game so far all you have to do is to understand her passive and her skills and know a great position in team fights and you'll rule on every team fights initiated.

Role: Marksman
Specialty: Reap
Bp: 10800
Tickets: 399


Miya was born in the Temple of the Moon and studied hard to one day become a worthy sacrifice to the moon god. But when the fires of war of the race of men and ores reached the moonlit shores of the moon elves' lakeside habitat, Miya rose up and led forth her countrymen in defiance of foreign invaders. Despite their best efforts, Miya and her fellow elves were finally forced by the countless enemy horde to make a last stand in the Temple of the Moon. As Miya knelt in the center of the temple to offer prayers for one last time, just as the great army of men and ores were about to destroy this sacred place, a miracle occurred. The moon god answered Miyas prayer and blessed her longbow with an ancient and powerful blessing. Miya grasped the bow and fired an arrow, which was transformed into an eagle spirit by the power of the stars, splitting the enemy army asunder. Miya led her countrymen out of the temple, raining showers of star-wrought arrows upon the enemy with each pull of her bow. Meanwhile her eagle hovered over the enemy, singling them out and attacking them. Like a falling tide, the humans and ores quickly started to retreat. Miya and her countrymen retook the shores of the Moon God, and the moon elves recognized Miya and her spirit eagle as the Moon God incarnated. The young Miya knew in her heart that if this problem was not stopped at the root, the wars would never end. With the Moon God's blessing, she set out on a journey to the land of dawn, hoping to find a king who could bring peace and order back to this world.



Turbo[Passive]: Each times you hit an enemies with your basics skills you can increase your attack speed by 4% and can stack up to 10 times .

This passive is what you have to keep in mind because this will help you a lot .

Fission Shots – Each Basic attacks will split into two arrows, dealing a 10 points of damages to main target and 70% basic damage to the other target.

Only use this skill in laning if necessary if you have to clear the wave faster or in taking down a tower faster .In team fights .. Be sure to position yourself in a good place where you attack three enemies with this skill.

Rain of Arrow – shoots a barrages of arrows to area, dealing 50 damages each hits. it will slow the enemies and after 4 hits the enemies will be frozen

This skill is pretty good to take advantage of an enemy . in early game use this to make the enemy hero lose their position because in over 4 ticks it freezes the enemy and by leaving the rain of arrows they will also lose precious time moving away while you attack them.In team fights be sure to use it where most of the enemy heroes are being hit to either slow or freeze them.

Turbo Stealth – Used to remove all movement impairing effects and become invisible for 1 sec also raised your attack speed for 35% in 6s and raised movement speed for you and nearby allies for 45% in 2s

This skill is what makes miya the best marksman because with this you wouldnt wanna get fury or purify because by using it you will increase. Atk spd and movement speed.  Use this skill in escaping or getting a good position in team fights .

                -Skill progression-


Make sure to build the first skill last and build the second and the ulti first for cooldown and additional damage .

[Battle spell]

The best battle spell for miya is [flicker] for the same reason as her ultimate .. To get a good position , to follow enemy or to get away .

But if you are just starting playing the game and havent reached level 20+ yet you can have [Fury] for your battle spell. To make the most out of your attack speed madness.


The most preferred emblem for miya is the physical attack emblem . enrich it and own the battle ground .


Item guide .

I prefer to have the jungle item first in line before building your main item but its totally up to you.

First item

Tooth of greed

+70Physical Attack
Unique PassiveFrenzy:When HP drops below 20%, the hero will receive an extra 10% physical lifesteal.

- this is goes along in your early game with your attack speed incease passive.

The second one you should build is

Thors sting

+30%Attack Speed
+8%Movement Speed
+20%Critical Strike Chance
Unique PassiveLightning:After every 5 basic attacks, the next basic attack must deal 125 magic damage to 3 enemies.
Unique PassiveActivate:Each time after lightning is cast, one\'s movement speed will be raised 10% for a brief time.

This item will give you attack speed and movement and the most helpful of all critical damage . with the two items combined it will surely put you in advantage ..

3rd item

Blade of destruction

+70Physical Attack
+20%Critical Strike Chance
+50%Crit Damage
Unique PassiveDoom:Crit strikes will increase one\'s physical attack 5%, lasting 2s.

For more critical attacks . you will own any lane with this along with the items above early game.

4th item

Thors sting

I know some people dont double item usually but this item will boost your critical chance , attack speed and movement speed .

5th item

Wind chaser

+60Physical Attack
+40%Physical Penetration

To burst your damage . this will penetrate armors of tanks or any heroes .

6th item

Blade of Despair

+130Physical Attack
+25%Attack Speed
+10%Critical Strike Chance
Unique PassiveDespair:Deals an extra 15% damage to an enemy in any abnormal state (stunned, knocked airborne, transformed, disabled).

This item goes along with your skills because of its passive.  A little bit of 2nd skill with the slow or freeze operating critical damage and attck speed in place you will instantly kill an enemy in 1v1.

Notice that this build doesnt have any boots its because the thors sting item provides the movement speed increase and it will work without any problem but if you want boots you can get [Warrior boots] for armor and speed.

Combos and strategy

In laning.

Always go in mid lane if possible because mid lane has the early minions and early minions means quicker exp . after you have cleared the first wave go to jungle the monster back on you jungle . then go back to kill the second wave then proceed to go to the other side of the jungle to kill another monster in this way youll earn more experience and the higher the level the higher the advantage . More damage . Be sure to get the turtle after you get the first item or the first two items.

In team fights .

Make sure your team is busy distracting the enemies in clash for you to take advantage . keep behind your team and this is necessary because your durability is a flop. If you got hooked or stunned be sure to use youre 3rd skill to get away and get a new position as quickly as possible and start hitting again .  tell your team to not waste ulti on the enemy tank wait for the enemy to flood the ulti to your teams tank and then start shooting .

In pvp

With your passive and skills you will not lose a 1 v 1 fight. Your increase attack speed plus tooth of greed and thor sting you will get the enemys life much faster than he/she damages you.Use 3rd skill tk get position and use 2nd to poke enemy in towers or if theu get too close to you.

In jungling

Just use the 2nd skill to attack the jungle monster and let the passive kick in with the basic attack and to kill the monster faster and get back to your lane .

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hero guide for gord
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Jauregui replied at 2017-3-24 00:51
hero guide for gord

Hero guide gord the mystic magician:
Cost: 24,000 battle points with 499 diamonds.

Gord is one of the best mages in mobile legends. Mastering him is very easy but need to know his positions. As you already know that mages aren’t suitable infront of teamfight battle as his HP {HitPoints} are very low. Gord are also low in durability which making him hard to positions. Gord can deals a significant amount of damage which using his spells and mana. Following gord’s build guide [which I’ll explain later] below will give you more advantage on increasing your heroes win rate [gord].

Gord skills:
Passive skill [mystic favor]:After dealing ability damage to an enemy, he will add a nagic amplifier effect to the target. Subsequent ability damage dealt to the target  will cause and extra 10% damage, stacking up to 10 times and lasting 5s

1st skill [mystic projectile] : Throws a magic bomb at the target area and lowering movement speed by 70%, lasting 2s at every level.Deals up to extra damage to enemies in the center of the area and stuns them for 1s. AP bonuses: 0.4

2nd skill [mystic injunction] : summons a field of energy which deals 80/95/110/125/140/155 magic damage per 0.5s to enemies within it.

3rd skill [mystic gush] : fires a sustained blast of emblem energy in a specific direction, dealing 130/160/190 magic damage per 0.4s to enemies affected by the energy beam and slowing them down 10% lasting 3s. the direction of the blast can be controlled using the directional pad for as long as the ability lasts. AP bonuses : 0.4

Gord fighting ability:
Abilty effects : 90
Offense: 50
Durability : 45
Jungle: 55
Poke: 85
Difficulty : 65

Gord’s item build:
1st magic shoes : 10% cooldown reduction + 40 movement speed.

The first items that you need to buy is magic shoes. Its very cheap cost 710 only. Why do you need this item? It is because gord is a mages, movement speed are really important for mages to escape and its also give you 10% cooldown reduction which is pretty good in early game.

2nd enchanted talisman : adds 55 magic power + 250 HP + 30 mana regen + 20% cooldown reduction.
Unique passive {mana spring}: a kill or assist regens 20% of hero mana within 5s at the most.

Enchanted talisman is the most useful items for mages as you can see the unique passive which every kills or assist will regen your mana. Enchanted talisman also give you HP and CDR. In early game, you already got 30% CDR which will give you more advantages to poke your opponents/enemies.

3rd flame of fury : adds 75 magic power + 5% movement speed + 15 magic damage reduction.
Unique passive: scorch: abilities will burn the target for 3s, dealing 6% of the difference between target’s current HP as magic damage each second.

Flame of fury is the good items for mages also cause its giving you 75 magic power with 15 magic damage reduction. Its also adds your movement speed by 5%. So in the mid game, your speed is good enough to escape from unwanted tragedy. So this items is very useful.

4th frost: adds 75 magic power +15 mana regen + 7% movement speed.
Unique passive: freeze: skills that damage an enemy hero will carry 15% slow down effects. This effects last 3s and can stack up to 2 times.

Frost are really important to buff your ultimate skill which known as your 3rd skill. The unique frost are really useful as your ultimate has slow down and + 15% slow down. I’m sure your opponents will cannot move. With high damage and slow down , you can kill you opponents easily.

5th dominance ice: adds 500 mana + 70 armor + 5 crit-strike reduction.
Unique: 15% cooldown reduction
Unique passive: artic cold: lowers movement speed 5% and lowers attack speed 30% for nearby enemy heroes.

Now focusing a bit durability is good in late game. Why? Because gord are easily to be killed by other heroes. With this items, its will reduce your death rate in battle and also you’ve already get high movement speed which making you unbeatables.

6th blood wings: adds 150 magic power
Unique: adds 2 HP for every 1 pt of magic damage power added.

Now, with this items you will get more powerful with high damage , high movement speed, neutral durability. I’m sure you will get an amazing KDA. This items also adds your HP after you buy many magic power items.

Now lemme give you some advice about my build:

Maybe my build are not give you 100% win but this heroes also affected to you on how you play him and your mastery skill. All build are actually same, so my advice is try to master to play him.

Emblem set for gord:
Well, emblem set is depends on you. What are your magic assasins and magic emblem level right now? No need to know, lemme  explain on you for a bit. First of all, if your magic emblem is higher than your magic assassin emblem, then continue on using that emblem cause it will take a long time to increase the level for magic assassins. But I recommend you to use magic assassins emblem if your magic emblem below lvl 25.

Which lane is the best for gord as a mage?
The best lane for gord is at the mid-lane. Why? Because mages are suitable for mid lane and you already know that mages are hard to jungle as their basic attack are base on physical attack. What are the advantages at mid lane? Well, mid lane is the best lane to leveling your level so that you can poke enemies easily.

What are the best partners for gord?
Tank will be good enough to defend you, so partner with tank if your team wanted mid lane so bad.

Battle spells for gord:
Using assault or purify is good enough for mages. Why assault? If you are in danger, then use this, this will help you move faster. I also recommend you use flicker.

Skill build:
Always full your 2nd skill first then your ultimate and 1st skill.

I’m so sorry if there have some mistake English language but I hope that you can understand it. You may ask me aswell on the game so my name is Jauregui.
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Video: ULTIMATE Miya Guide (Best Build, Tips & Tricks, Skills)

Link if video doesn't load:

Hello everyone! Check out my Mobile Legends Miya Complete Guide equipped with my best personal build for miya, tips and tricks and more!
Miya is one of the strongest carry marksman in Mobile Legends!
Make sure to try her out! :) Item build, tips and tricks, facts, and more are found in the video!

About me:

JDale Legend.jpg

IGN: JDaleGaming
ID: 8552664
Server: 3201

Rank: Legend (Season 3)
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