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[Official Forum Event] MLBB Collecting all Hero Guides

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Official Forum Event: MLBB Collecting all Hero Guides
To our millions of Heroes,
In order to help new users learn more about the different features of our new heroes, and to help them get into the game quicker, our official Mobile Legends team has decided to hold a Mobile Legends Heroes Guide Collection event.
Event Prizes:Top 3 players with the best Hero Guides will also be selected & will win: 500 diamantes  and your guide will be published under your name on both our official website and in the game.
Any Player's guide, if showcased by our team (no upper limit), each user will also receivea prize of: 100-200 diamantes
All winning users will have the chance toget promoted by our official platforms including our MLBB website, Facebook,forums, etc!

Our MLBB team decides to launch 5 heroes every week for you to make the guide. And the new 5 heroes will be replaced in the next week. Please don’t forget mark your ID, your Rank level and your name in the game when you post your guide in the forum. For this week, the heroes which we prepared for you are Gord, Johnson, Natalia, Alpha, Miya! Don't hesitate, send us an application immediately!

Some Event Rules:
1. All guides should discuss, and only discuss about either the 5 heroes weekly. You can make comparisons to other heroes as long as it is still centered on the featured Hero.
2. All guides should contain facts about the Hero first, before discussing your opinion and tips along the discussion.
3. All guides MUST contain the Skill Set of the featured Hero. These skills are what makes the Hero different from others, so include the information about all the 3 skills, and discuss thoroughly each skill base from your experience and opinion.
4. Orderliness and Neatness is a plus factor. The way how you present your ideas is a big factor, the more neat and ordered it is, the more easy to understand.
5. Images and Videos are plus factors. Some things are better explained with pictures and videos. I do encourage everyone to be creative and unique.

Regarding copyrights of video & hero guides:
1. All final copyrights of the videos and guides belong to you, and under the partnership agreement, you agree to license the rights to Mobile Legends official team for non-profit use;
2. All final copyrights of the videos and guides belong to you, and under the partnership agreement, you agree to license the rights to Mobile Legends official team for non-profit use;
3. If you have other queries regarding the above, please feel free to contact us, we will amend and supplement our agreement terms as needed asap, thanks!

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sheenkz09 Mustang Johnson Hero Guide

PROS: Durable, Engager, Crowd Controler
CONS: Moves Slowly

Item Build:

Reminder: Item build will depend on your playstyle, I usually use the Pure def or Damage/def build I found out that it really compliment on him.  In my experience I like to engage and chase enemies so i use Damage/def since it will have 20% cooldown and slowing effect specially the Dominance Ice and Ice Force for more slowing effect!


Tip: Good for anti CC

Tip: for additional engage and disengage
Electro-airbag (Passive):
When the hero's HP is lower than 30%, a shield will generate and last for awhile, absorbing an amount of damage based on his armor.

Tip: This ability will make you much tankier in team fights so dont be afraid on engaging on enemy!

Iron Sack (Skill 1):
Upgrades the pliers. Next basic attack will deal an extra magic damage that’sbased on the hero's armor and lower the enemy's movement speed. If the targetis affected by slowing effect, then they will be stunned.

Tip: Increase damage fromhis basic attack and reduces enemy’s movement speed. This also stun enemy forfew seconds. I will advice that to  pairit with your 2nd skill (MissileTackle) since it will give slow effect whenyou use your 2nd and it will automatically stun the enemy after that. This willbe your CC ability.

Missile Tackle (Skill 2):
Launches several vehicular missiles forward which can lock on at most 3 enemiesin a cone shaped area, dealing magic damage lowering their movement speed.

Tip: Johnson Mustangrelease missiles dealing magic damage and slowing enemies. Use it whenharassing and chasing enemies since it will deal slow effect to them, it reallycompliment with your 1st skill (Iron Sack)it will automatically stun the enemy so use it wisely!

Rapid Touchdown (Skill 3):

Passive: Increases some armor for the hero; Active: Johnson jumps up andtransforms into a car, which will accelerate increasingly. Teammates touched bythe car will be picked up and rush forward along with Johnson, up to 1teammate. When it hits the first enemy, it will explode, stunning the enemy anddealing magic damage to the target and nearby enemies according to the runningspeed of the car.

Tip: Johnson transformsinto autobot and can take along another teammate in accelerated attack. Thiscan stun the first enemy it hit. This can be used on both offense and defense.As for of defense, the immunity while under the state of his ultimate brings agood disengage. This ability what makes Johnson’s very deadly since you can goany part of the map in fast phase you just need to team up with any Marksman orMelee Fighters with High DPS so that you can easily ditch out any enemy. But bemind that this skill is hard to control if you are not aware of direction youwill go! I would suggest take a path in straight dont make a hard turns orcurves! just see this mini map:

Skill Combo:
Ganking or Engaging from long distance:
Rapid Touchdown (Skill 3) ->  Missile Tackle (Skill 2: for slow) -> Iron Sack (Skill 1: stun/CC) then repeat (Skill 2 and Skill 1 vise versa)

Engaging from close distance:
Missile Tackle (Skill 2: for slow) -> Iron Sack (Skill 1: stun/CC) then repeat (Skill 2 and Skill 1 vise versa)

Hope you like my Mustang Johnson's Hero guide! Keep Practicing guys! thanks to MLBB team more power to you! Peace yo!

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sheenkz09 replied at 2017-3-21 17:12
sheenkz09 Mustang Johnson Hero Guide

Hi, bro, thanks for your guide. Please mark your ID and your Rank, you will receive a reward in next week.
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updated soon , i put wrong guides
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(NateNear) Hero Guide Alpha

Plus    : Durable, Easy to Use, High Damage
Minus : Everyone want to kill you first in team war

Item Build:

Item Build:

Item Build:

*PS: This build try to reduce the cooldown of your skill. If you want to change the build to dmg and critical, dont use this build.

Alpha is insanely good at 1 v 1 combat.
And also good to be an initiator in the team.
In team war, Alpha can do open war or wait the tank to open war,
and help the tank with his ulti.
Also, m8 with Saber

Skill Analysis:
PASSIVE SKILL (Go, Beta!) =         
Using skills will summon Beta to attack and mark the target. Beta will attack the target continuously after 2/2/2/2/2/2 mark(s), dealing 150/150/150/150/150/150 pts of true damage in total. | Beta will make your foe hate you :p

SKILL 1 (Rotary Impact) =         
Launches a slash forwards, dealing 175/195/215/235/255/275 pts of physical damage to the enemies along the way and lower their movement speed 70%/70%/70%/70%/70%/70%, lasting 2/2/2/2/2/2s. After the light wave launches, Beta will follow its trace to strafe the enemy, dealing 95/105/115/125/135/145 pts of physical damage. | this skill will help you to installments enemy healt point and you can use to chase your foe.

SKILL 2 (Force Swing) =        
After powering up for a while, the hero will strike forwards in a conical area and deal 245/265/285/305/325/345 pts of \",\"physical damage to enemies and slow them down. Every hit on an enemy will increase self\'s attack speed by 5%/6.5%/8%/9.5%/11%/12.5% and restore 85/115/145/175/205/235 pts of HP. While powering up, Beta will strafe at enemies along the edge of attack range, dealing 105/125/145/165/185/205 pts of physical damage. | This skill will help you to fight in 1 vs 3. can give you buff attack speed, and slow movement speed of your foe 70%.

Ult (Spear of Alpha) =           
Wields the light spear powerfully, stunning the hit target. The hero will be pulled towards the target, dealing 245/305/365 pts of physical damage to the enemies along the way. When the light spear hits, it will guide Beta to strafe the target\'s area, dealing 205/245/285 pts of physical damage. | The most Powerfull skill from Alpha. you can use this to keep your foe in your attack range, and kill them all!

Abilities Should Max First:
You must full the Skill 2 first.
That’s the important skill for Alpha.
Because it will help you in team fight and 1 vs 3 (if that happens).
Skill 2 and Skill 3 important to max first.

Combos Analysis:
Wait your Tank to open the war.
Then use your ulti to stun the enemy that hit your tank, continue it with your skill 2 and then skill 1.

Battle Spell:
I recommend you to use Stun Spell.
Because they cant do anything if they always in stun.
They will hate to see you in map, because they don’t have a chance to attack you.

Gear for Hero:
I recommend you to use my second build.
That build will let you stun-slow-stun and slow your enemy, and they die before can do anyting.

Gear Analysis:

1st item, Lifesteal Sword| The more important item for survive. You can still alive with this item. In the early game, the lifesteal doesn’t feel much. But in the late game, this is will help you to be a good initiator and protect your team.

2nd item, Shoes|
Take this item second. This is the flexible item to take. If you met an opponent with 2 or more mage hero, you can change with shoes which can reduce magic damage. If you met an opponent with 3 or more hero physical damage, then use my shoes at the pic.
3th item, Defense item for CDR (Cooldown Reductions)|
With this item, you'll get 15% CDR. This is will help you to reduce cooldown for your ulti. And give you some armor too.
4th item, CDR Sword| With this item (before the last update, you'll get max of CDR), you get 35% of CDR (from max 40% CDR). After you get this 4th item in your build, you can fight like a real man!  And you can use skill 2 & 1 more often, and stun your enemy like a statue with your ulti. lol
5th item, Critical Sword| Ow! You know, you can do anything if you already have this item! Stun like a boss, and get critical damage from this item! Your opponent will die in a momment!
6th item, More Damage and Critical Sword| Damn. You will survive like a pro! This item will gave you MORE AND MORE DAMAGE to your enemy!! BEAT THEM ALLLLLLLL!!!!!! XD

Emblem Set:
Physical Emblem |
you know the reason dude. Haha Alpha is Physical hero type. Use this emblem or Fighter emblem. Because Alpha is fighter too. But I recommend you Physical Emblem. Cause it easy to collect them. Than the other emblem.

Combat Tips:
For early game, keep calm and deadly. hahaha at least, you must have a partner. you cant do much in early game. i recommend you mage / another fighter / mm hero to be your partner. you can go to the top lane or bottom lane. but im always go to the top lane for the blue buff. You can easily win with the mage or mm opponent if you have a partner. but, dont get too rush or you'll die in your greed. But take care with Kagura, YSS (Yi Sun Shin), Fanny, and Bruno. They have good agility to dodge your skill 1. But for Alpha, he is dangerous hero even in early game. His damage is already hurt for low level in early game.

Team Fight Tips:
In team fight, I recommend you not to go first to open war (but if the situation forced you to do that, you don’t have a choice). Alpha good at the 2nd / 3rd initiator in team war. When your opponent get busy with your 1st initiator teammate (Tank maybe), you can cast your skill 3. After your enemy got stun, quick use your skil 2 and 1. Try to hit many hero / minion for your skill 2 to help you boost your attack speed.

Hope you like my Alpha build!
And i hope that build will help you guys!



IGN    : NateNear
ID      : 14336176
Server : 2018
Tier    : Epic III
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Guide entry : [Alpha] The Ultimate Weapon

Current price
599 Diamonds, 32,000 Battle Points, no skin yet.

Background story

Alpha is another creation of Laboratory 1718 after Saber left. Mad scientists got a new idea from a famous sci-fi movie. Using human bodies as biological material and space meteorolite as metal skeletons, they created powerful twins. Alpha and Beta, as known as 'Flesh Weapon', are capable of utilizing a supernatural power that's ubiquitous but very mystery. However, the twins had themselves conscious awakened since they were born, and refused to become killing machines. Getting help from Saber, they escaped from the alt-world. However, on their way to escape, the made man Beta's core was destroyed. All that Alpha could bring out was Beta's half metal arm. After coming to the Land of Dawn, with the help of master machinist Rooney, now Beta keeps company with Alpha as a form of an aircraft.

Go, Beta! (Passive The Ultimate Weapon): After the aircraft hits the same enemy hero twice, it will trigger an attack of trace damage from ghost aircrafts.
Opinion: Alpha passive effect is additional bonus damage that give Alpha lead in reaping enemy.

Rotary Impact (Skill 1): Releases a straight energy wave forwards, a short of period later, the aircraft will launch a strafe along the straight trace.
Opinion: Alpha first skill is the best Alpha kit to slowing down the enemy and prevent them from escaping.

Force Sweep (Skill 2): Powers up for a while and slashes in the front conical area, dealing physical damage to enemies and slow them down. Every hit on an enemy will increase the hero’s attack speed and restore some HP for the hero. After powering up, the aircraft will strafe at enemies along the edge of the skill range, dealing physical damage to them.
Opinion: Alpha second skill is the main damage of alpha kit,don't engage in fight while this skill in cool down.

Spear of Alpha (Skill 3): throws the spear to the specified position and stuns the target. Later it will pull the hero to the spear’s position. The enemies along the way of pulling will be knocked airborne and injured. Meantime, the aircraft will bomb the position of the spear.
Opinion: Alpha ultimate skill is the starter skill Alpha use in engage, depending on the situation you can use this skill to position yourself in front of the enemy.

Skill Build step by step: first,second,second,third,first,second,second,third,first,second,second,third,first,first,first [ 1,2,2,3,1,2,2,3,1,2,2,3,1,1,1]

Battle spell that used: Retribution

Step by step build list:

End Game build
(in case the game run long) :

Main objectives of the build :
Faster leveling
- penetrate enemy armor that combined with true damage to kill enemy quickly
- armor that increase the survival probability
- kill the enemy quickly and end the game faster before their build done.

Build information:
Raptor machete : this jungle item is the first item to build and make Alpha leveling faster,after this item successfully build you can use retribution to enemy hero to lower their movement speed and prevent them from escaping when you engage them.

Magic shoes: this movement item is the only cooldown reduction alpha needed in the game cause with faster leveling using the first item alpha will reach lv 15 quickly.

Endless battle: when this attack item build done Alpha ready to engage in battle, not only this item help in giving alpha extra mana this item also give extra movement speed to make Alpha faster in chasing the enemy.  

Wind chaser: the second attack item build to make Alpha deal more damage.

Bloodthirsty king: this first defensive item unique effect will help Alpha survivability using 20% hp regen after kill or assist.

Immortality: In case Alpha get ambushed and die, Alpha will be resurrected and can escape from the battlefield.

Blade of Despair ( replace wind chaser ) : this build item will be used just in case scenario when the game dragged too long and make alpha damage higher.


Third skill -> basic damage( extra true damage) -> retribution spell -> second skill -> basic damage (extra true damage + beta attack) - > first skill -> basic damage (extra true damage + beta) [ usually around this marksman/mage/assassin already death ] -> basic damage -> basic damage -> basic damage -> second skill -> basic damage (extra true damage)[ half tank buiild/fighter death around this] -> first skill -> basic damage (extra true damage + beta)[full tank death].

Playstyle Q&A

Q : emblem set to use?
A : the most efficient one is physical emblem set,second option is fighter emblem, and the third option is physical assassin emblem.

Q : which hero counter this build?
A : the most devastasting counter of this build is franco that hook you near enemy tower,but rest assured when the build done you have immortallity to ressurect and use ulti to escape, the second dangerous counter is mage hero.

Q : when is the best time to engage in fight?
A : Alpha in this build level up quickly so when you reach lv 8 the usual enemy will reach lv5/lv6 (in case you don't die) this is the time to start the fight.

Q : which lane to go?
A : the best option is top lane to get cooldown reduction buff,you can use retribution battle spell to guarantee you get the buff not your teammate.

Q : when team fight happen what should Alpha do?
A : Alpha should be ambush the rear enemy especially marksman before the rest of the team.
Thank you for reading best regards.
IGN    : Clozdark
ID      : 33415575
Server : 2206
Tier    : Legend
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sheenkz09 replied at 2017-3-21 17:12
sheenkz09 Mustang Johnson Hero Guide

Sorry, I've seem it
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hello Mod Jean what do you mean seem?
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sheenkz09 replied at 2017-3-22 10:21
hello Mod Jean what do you mean seem?

I want you ID and Rank, but I've seen it under your guide, never mind.
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PART I: About the AUTHOR.
Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 12.43.52 PM.png Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 12.44.04 PM.png Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 12.44.55 PM.png
I am Lex. My main hero is of course Akai. You might have watched my videos on the MLBB Official Page. The guy who writes ROAD TO TOP 1 Akai. Sadly, Top 1 Akai plays more Akai games than me:( ... ery=jules%20marcelo

Part II: Akai Skills

Passive: Brute Force – Adds 2% of max HP to physical attack.
This means that your overall DPS will increase everytime you put more health on to your Akai. No need for ATTACK ITEMS. Just go full HP all the way.

Thousand Pounder – Jump into the target area, dealing 170 physical daamge to enemies when landing and a 55% slow down effect. Fro the next 3 seconds, the following basic attacks will deal an extra 50% physical damage.
MAX this whenever you can. This skil acts as your gank, escape, damage skill. This skill well help you get a better position when using your MEAT TANK Ultimate.
Guardian – Deals 140 plus 15% of own missing HP as physical damage to enemies in the area. Also equips self with a shield that can block up to 360 damage and last for 4 seconds. (8.5 seconds cooldown. 50 mana cost)
This is your MAIN DPS skill. As your health decreases, the damage of this skill also increases accordingly. So it is a MUST that you stack up those HP items so you can benefit from this. Do not underestimate the Shield that it provides, with proper timing, it can block tower damages, and save you from dying.
Side Uses: Use your Basic Heal Skill when the shield is up.
Meat Tank – Becomes a ball in 4 seconds and starts to dash. Each hit will knock back the target and deal 50 magic damage. (35 seconds cooldown. 60 mana cost)
This is skill makes Akai Unique. The only skill in the game that can disable more than enemy heroes for 4 full seconds. This skill made me fall in love with Akai. Back in my early Elite days, I mistakenly picked Akai, but this skill made me want Akai more. This skill can turn the game on your favor, that's how powerful this skill. Although, it has a lot of counters, with proper timing you can take out enemy Marksman, Mage, Fighter easily.
  • Use it to bring your enemies close to your tower or ally heroes.
  • Use it to bring your enemies to the wall and lock them there.
  • Use it to save your teammate by pushing enemies back then escape with thousand pounder.
Part III: Akai Gear Build
Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 12.38.55 PM.png
First Item: Boots > Rapid Boots. (+65 Movement Speed)
At early levels, enemy team is squishy. You won't be needing much damage. You just need early mobility for you to be able to chase them with Thousand Pounder and Guardian.
FAQ: Why Rapid Boots and not Magic Shoes? It is your preference. I just prefer the 10ms because it gives me more mobility. Meat Tank is so easy to counter, so I only have one chance to make it right.
Second Item: Vitality Crystal > Molten Essence > Cursed Helmet.
Cursed Helmet – +920 HP / +50 Magic Resistance / Unique Passive : Sacrifice deals 1.5% of one’s max HP as magic damage per second to nearby enemies. Higher Hp comes higher damage per second. This is the perfect item to complete our best build for Akai.
Rush towards Molten Essence. Dont take the Robe of Resistance as suggested by the game. Get Vitality Crystal then wait for 600g then take Molten Essence. It boosts your HP and Damage significantly.
Before the Nerf on the Cursed Helmet reducing sacrifice damage from 2% to 1.5%, Akai can singlehandedly kill Most Marksman and Mage with Thousand Pounder > Meat Tank to the wall > Guardian. But now it is reduced, you need an ally to kill enemy Mage or Marksman.
This item adds overall HP and DPS for your Akai.
If you get this withing 6mins, you are doing pretty well.
Third Item: Bloodthirsty King – +1550 / +75 HP regen / Bloodlust : A kill or assist regens 20% of hero’s HP in 5 seconds.
If you are able to get this in 8mins, you are doing pretty well in the game.
This is your main tanking item. It goes very well with Cursed Helmet since it will give you free tag on assist to all enemies you come across with without having to hit them with normal attack. With the proper use of this item, you can Tower Dive and kill enemy and still survived because of the heal it provides. At 10k HP, this gives you 500hp per Second for each kill or assist.
Fourth Item: Immortality - +800hp / +40 Magic Resists / Rebirth: Resurrects after 2s after dying adn get 15% HP and shield that can absorb damage equal to 40% max HP. Shield lasts for 3s. Cooldown for this effect is 180s.
Since you are obviously doing tower dives most of the time when enemy is defending towers, this will save you when you make a mistake when you tower dive. If you are HP is high enough, even if you die, you will still have the time to have your Thousand Pounder reload so you can escape.
This item suits well with Bloodthirsty King since if during the time you are on Rebirth effect and one of the enemies died with your assist, you will have benefit from the regen provided by Bloodthirsty King.
Fifth Item: Dominance Ice - +70 Armor / +500 Mana / + 5% Crit Reduction / +15% Cooldown Reduction / -5%  Movement Speed of Nearby Enemies / -30% Attack Speed for Nearby Enemies
Together with "BLUE Buff" you get from monsters, you can have a huge increase in DPS because of this item. It gives you 15% uptime on all your skills.
Sixth Item: Heart of Steel - +880HP / + 30Armor / +25% Crit Rate Reduction.
The only thing that will kill you on this point is a full glass canon Marksman or Enemy Tower. You can survive most ganks and Run away from them.
Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 12.39.27 PM.png
Assault - +42% Movement Speed slowly decreases over 10seconds.

My preference is Assault, but some people like the Top 1 Akai prefers Flicker over it.
I use Assault because it is more versatile than flicker and more offensive than Purify.
Use Assault > Thousand Pounder > Meat Tank. With proper timing, you can easily bring the enemy out of their towers, and into your own tower range. It also somehow boosts Thousand Pounder Range since moving the directional pad can increase decrease the range of Thousand Pounder while in Mid Air.
Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 12.39.40 PM.png
This is on your own preference. But I use Fighter for higher HP.
While most players play Akai as TANK like how they play Johnson and Mino, refrain from doing so. To maximize Akai, play AKAI as a carry hero. Only go in using Thousand Pounder if you are sure you can kill the one you are jumping at. Your main target is either a Marksman or a Mage. After killing them, you can help your team against the tank and fighter classes.
Early Game first 6mins.
You can go mid Panda if you are confident with your skills. Or go bottom. Get as much Gold as you can. Within 5mins, you should be able to get Rapid Boots and Cursed Helmet. If you die frequently, you will not snowball in the late game. Gank other lanes with Assault, it is easier to bring them to the wall if you move fast enough before they can use their Flicker.
Mid Game 6mins to 10mins this is where you need to take care. While your enemies are slowly building up their items, you are rushing towards Bloodthirsty King which is very very expensive. You have to pick your fights wisely. Your priority is to get Bloodthirsty King fast without losing map control.
Late game: Unless you are sure your Meat Tank wont be cancelled, do not jump first on a team fight. Let both parties commit fighting then jump on enemy Mage or Marksman. Stay away from enemy Chou. Your Priority is to remove their Marksman from the game or run home so you can go back and kill the ones remaining in the fight. You can tower dive tier 2 Towers. If you need to tower dive tier 3, you need at least an Immortal to do it.
How to Wall Properly.
The only thing you need to learn is that whenever you wall an enemy, leave a space between you and the wall.
I posted some videos here at MLBB Official. Just search Jules Marcelo or LexPanda and my videos will show up.
Best Friends:
Tank Build Chou: Together you can easily bring enemy to your tower or on the side.
Nana and her Hex: Turn your enemies to rabbit making it hard for them to use Flicker.
Saber: His ulti can give you 1s to position yourself.
Chou: His first and Ult Cancels Meat Tank
Nana: First and Ult Cancels Meat Tank
Saber: Ult Cancels Meat Tank
Ruby: Second Skill makes it harder for you to do your combo. When you Jump, he uses second skill then stuns you for a while. Her Ult, removes you from walling the enemy.
Mino: Ult Cancels Meat Tank.
Tigreal: Second Skill cancels Meat Tank
Hayabusa: If he uses his shadow skill, dont try to wall him. Even if you successful wall him while his shadow skill is up, he can immediately teleport even if he is stunned. Wait for his shadow to expire.
Moscov: Pushes you away or towards the wall helping the enemy escape the wall.
A lot of heroes nullifies Akai's Meat Tank so think before you leap.

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