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Edited by yjubilosa at 2017-3-19 22:11

Hi everyone, I’m one of designers of ML and my responsibilities are to improve battle experiencing and hero balance. Nice to be here with you guys.

Q: Earlier before you said that you were planning to buff mage heroes. How did it go?

A: In the patch 1.1.60, there was some adjustment made on Gord, Alice and Eudora. What we tried to achieve was to make them able to make more contribution to the team by giving out a set of skill combo during team fight. So we enhanced those three heroes’ damage dealing abilities, but also made some restrictions on their attack range and skill cooldown.
After that update, we found that Alice basically met what we expected. A well-developed Alice can play a great role inteam fight when she engages in a good timing, and if she can take out the core character of the enemy team, it’ll be very helpful to tear apart opponents’lineup. However, Gord and Eudora were not doing that ideally. Thus we did some further adjustment on them in patch 66.

Q: What are those adjustments exactly?

A: For Gord, we improved his damage. In patch 1.1.60 we reduced his skills’ casting range and effective radius while increasing his skill cooldown, which meant a higher requirement on controls. But for such a high requirement, the damage of the skill was certainly not enough. That’s why we enhanced his damage again.
And Eudora, her attack range was relatively small. As the result, she couldn’t deal damage on enemy back-row characters hiding behind tank heroes most time. Also, she was not very good at clearing minions in lanes. That was exactly what we wanted to change – we improved her lane pushing ability and gave her capability of doing a high single-target burst damage. So with some proper gear, she can kill an alone poor-durability enemy by a set of skill combo. Of course, to balance the high damage dealing, we lowered her control abilities and the AOE damage of her Ult.

Q: How about other mages?Like Karina, Kagura, Rafaela or Nana?

A: Karina is something else. She’s more like an assassin rather than a mage. And she’s got this unique skill-refreshing mechanism. I won’t deny that there may still be some space left for some adjustment, but for now, we just need more time to observe her performance before making our mind.
And Kagura. You need to have a good controlto release her true strength. If you know how to control her in an efficient way, then she’s capable of causing a lot of troubles to enemies and we’re also content with her burst damage ability currently. So in patch 66, we just improved her lane pushing ability by a little bit as adjustment.
Regard to Rafaela and Nana, they are defined more as support heroes. Rafaela is capable of healing the team and crowd control, and Nana has the most powerful single-target control skill inthe game and a nice crowd-control Ulti. Consequently, we didn’t do much adjustment on them, just a little enhancement on their lane pushing ability.

Q: When can we have some new support hero?

A: We’ve notice the strong request among our players for new support heroes. Right now, there’s a new mage hero about to meet you guys very soon and the next new hero in queue is the much-anticipated support hero.
It usually takes a long period of time to complete the making of one hero. So we need a little more time before presenting the requested hero to you. Hope you can understand us.

Q: Is there any adjustment on magic gear items?

A: The main adjustment we did on gear items is about magic penetration, which is in order to improve tank heroes’durability. But later on we will provide some defense and durability gear itemsfor mages, to allow them to have more choices on gear in battles.

Q: Ok, today’s Q&A is going to end here. Anything else that you want to tell to players?

A: I’m glad to be here interacting with ourplayers. Thank you very much for supporting us. We’ve been trying and seeking abetter way to balance heroes and provide you a more exciting battle and gaming experience, and will keep doing so. I want to take this opportunity to do a small advertisement – we welcome you to come to our official forum, Feedbacksection, to discuss about heroes and battles. Your feedback is very veryimportant to us.

Here at last, we leave a question for you:
Which topic do you want to discuss with our game developers?

Post time 2017-3-19 10:27 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
i tgink Bruno is kind of bugged . In one time i played against him , bruno used his 2nd skill(slide)twice in a row just like natalias leap,sorry but i don't have proof for that game now,as I don't record all my games, and in endgame all marksmen heroes conquer others -_- unless you have franco,zhao or the opponents are noobs.
Post time 2017-3-19 10:16 PM | Show all posts
will the squad member be increase?instead of 9 member in a squad.
Post time 2017-3-19 10:21 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I would like to ask about skin actually cause many players wanted to buy skin for alpha,yi sun shin and kagura. this 3 heroes are the most popular i think so why not making some skin for them so that players won't get mad after devs releases the new skin hero like clint,layla etc. for me, i'm looking for a new skin for kagura and alpha . i know that kagura already have a skin but her skin doenst interesting at all, her skin don't have skill effect. as clint and lay
Post time 2017-3-19 10:22 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
and layla they had skill effect :(
Post time 2017-3-19 10:23 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
i want to know when u guys qill improve the lag, not lag infernet its the game, after i play 2 or 3 times i need restart because keep slow,, its not just me having that.
Post time 2017-3-19 10:24 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Ummm... Needed magic lifesteal item for mage to become more stronger Pls. And y Karina have to be mage type assassin? Why not physical assassin, it could be better.
Post time 2017-3-19 10:28 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Maybe its time to fix the stability of the game
Post time 2017-3-19 10:29 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
please fix lag issue
Post time 2017-3-19 10:36 PM | Show all posts
Can you upgrade Yun zhao? now "Spear Strike" att can be use just then, wend someone is near by player. If this att could be used every time, it would be very useful to escape, because a lot of characters have it.

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