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Title: Latest Bug Report Guide & Account Problems [Print this page]

Author: Ncup.Ajh    Time: 2020-9-17 10:51 PM
Title: Latest Bug Report Guide & Account Problems
Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2021-9-12 02:40 PM

Hello Warriors!

Here's the guide on how to report "Bugs" in this forum. before that, we want to inform again that you guys can also report bugs directly through in-game CS, so reporting bugs here is the second option if you can't reach the in-game CS.
Just like how to report bugs through in-game CS, you need to provide the following important information if you want to report bugs under (Bug Report Section) here!

1. Your in-game ID & Server number
2. Game Client Version
3. Device Model & O.S Version
4. Valid proof of the Bug
5. Date & Time when the bug occurred
6. Bug explanation
7. Battle ID
8. Replay Saved & Uploaded

We'll explain one by one all the information needed above as a valid Bug Report

1. Your in-game ID & Server Number

You can find your ID & Server number on your in-game Profile page.

This one:

2. Game Client Version

You can see the current Game Client Version on loading screen when you open the game for first time, it's located on top right corner.

This one: (Note: please state the number version clearly, don't just say "My MLBB app is under Latest Version", because each player's Game Client Version is different and we need the correct one)

3. Device Model & OS Version

Your current Device Model and its OS version. example: Samsung S10 (Android 9.0), iPhone 8 (iOS 11.2).

4. Valid Proof of the Bug

You must provide valid proof of the bug, can be Screenshots or Videos. if it's screenshots, just attach it into your thread if it's videos you can upload it to other platforms such as (Youtube, Google Drive) and provide the link on your thread.

5. Date & Time when the Bug occurred

Date and Time when the bug occurs (must be exact), we're sure that you guys already know when the bug occurs because you are the one who experienced it.

6. Bug Explanation

Please describe the Bug in details. before it happens, as long as it happens, and after it happens and possibility of the bug being triggered.

7. Battle ID

If you face in-game bugs of any match mode (Classic, Ranked, Brawl, Arcade). Battle ID needs to be provided.

To find the Battle ID, you can tap your avatar - "History" and choose the corresponding match. The Battle ID is located on bottom left corner of the page.

This one: (Tips: Just Tap on the Battle ID and it will be copied to your clipboard automatically)

8. Replay Saved & Uploaded

The most important thing about battlefield bug is that the Replay of match when the Bug occured. So please save the Replay before reporting the bug here!

This one:

If the replay has been saved in "My Replays", you just need to upload it by tapping the "Upload" button. The upload thing is intended to submit information as valid proof of the bug that you report here!

This one: (Note: Only 5 matches will be auto-saved in "Recent Replays". Please remember to save the Replay of the bug before it's replaced with the new ones)

Well, all the important information above should be provided on your bug report thread, and if one of them is not complete for you to provide, then we can't submit your bugs to Devs and the bugs will not be fixed asap!


Q: "What if I encountered bugs on Web Event instead of in-game bugs, can I also report them here?".
A: "Sure, you can report them here with the same format info as above, that Screenshots or Videos proof is needed since it's not an in-game bugs".

Web Events such as:
MLBB 2nd Skin Design Competition 
[Autumn 2020] Web Event
[Trickster's Eve 2020] Web Event

So the point is that all bugs related to in-game activity or web events can be reported here, unless the problem of account got stolen or hacked! if your account got stolen or hacked, you need to contact directly to ( with the subject/title of "Account Hacked"

Check on the next page for more about "Account Problems" and how to solve!


Notice About Account Security (Devs Update)

In order to protect the benefits and account security of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players, to maintain a fair and orderly environment and to prevent account hacking/loss that results from account sharing, account trading etc. Please read the following notice to enhance your awareness of account security:

Ⅰ Notice

1. Please protect your account and keep it safe. Do not share your account password with others or in public. The official team never asks for your password.

2. Do not sell your account. We will not deal with the problem results from account trading, or you will be solely responsible for any subsequent consequences that may arise.

3. Do not click unknown links or the links provided by other players (fake official staff) for recharge giveaway, free account, free skins etc.

4. Do not recharge via unofficial channels or third parties. Unofficial channels usually steal your account information that may compromise your account.

5. Please be noticed that official staff doesn't show in the game. The so-called official staff or GMs in the game are fake. Please report when you meet them.

6. When you see an event in community/social media, please be careful to identify the official account/page. You can check the official account/page in Community (globe icon) on the left side of the home screen in the game.

Ⅱ About Account Recovery

1. If the social media account that you bound to is hacked, please appeal and change your password as soon as possible.

2. Please send an e-mail to the official GM with the title of “Account Hacked” and Account ID to once your account is hacked. If you just contact GM in the game, the hacker may see the chat and other important information to retrieve your account.

3. After we receive your e-mail, GM will contact you with a link. Please open the link in your browser. You have to provide correct and complete information in the form. If there is any missing or incorrect information, we will not be able to deal with it.

4. Please keep your account safe. We will only handle the account hacking problem once every 180 days. Please be noticed that we can't help you if the account is hacked again during the time.

5. Following situations are not considered Hacked:
A: Already sent account to a friend. Due to personal issues, friend doesn’t give the account back etc. We will not deal with it.
B: Account was shared. We can’t judge the account was hacked or not.
Additionally: if you haven’t bound your account, there is a risk of account loss. Please tap your Avatar – Account – Bind Account to keep your account safe.

Let's get started with the usual common account problems:

A. What should I do if my account is stolen or got hacked?

If you suspect your account is stolen or got hacked, you can take these actions to ensure your account safety:

When you can still log in your account/game progress:

1. If you have connected to a Moonton account, we recommend that you immediately change the password, if necessary you can change the connected email of your Moonton account. and tap the Avatar - Account Settings - Account Center - Sign Out All.

2. If you have connected to a 3rd-party account, it is recommended that you go to that 3rd-party website to change password and do this in MLBB: Tap the Avatar - Account Settings - Account Center - Sign Out All.

3. If you have not connected to an account, it is recommended you do so to protect your account safety.

4. Please note that even if you have changed the password, the hacker can still sign in your account until you use "Sign Out All Device" to sign out your game account on other devices.

5. What If you cannot disconnect 3rd-party account of the hacker?, you can use Moonton account for verification to disconnect it. Tap "Verify via Moonton Mail Address to disconnect", soon the verification code will be sent to your email. By entering the correct verification code you can complete the disconnection of the hacker account.

6. What if you still cannot disconnect the hacker account by using Moonton account and receive this System Message "Dear Player, You're logging in on a new device or a new region. For your account security, please contact Customer Service to continue" ?.
Don't be worried and stay calm, We recommend that you need to play at least 5 ranked matches, in order to lock the IP address and Device that you usually used, then try again to disconnect the hacker's account by using your Moonton account on 3rd Party Account disconnect Self-service option.
Due to safety reasons, only accounts under IP address and Device that are usually used can be disconnected.

Please note that to ensure your account safety, connecting at least one account is needed. If this is your only connected account, you will not be able to disconnect it.

When you cannot log in your account/game progress:

1. Retrieve Account: How to Retrieve?

You can try these two methods:

a. Start the game with a New Account and tap the Customer Service logo on the top right screen corner, beside your Avatar.

After entering the in-game CS, then choose "Account Problem" - "Retrieve Account".

b. And send an email to as well.
Please fill in the Account Retrieval Form (can be found by tapping Retrieve Lost Account in customer service) and send it.

How to fill in the form?:
1). [Nickname] of your lost progress: please enter the correct Nickname.

2). [Server] of your lost progress: you can find the ID and server info from the basic profile. Tap Add Friends to enter your lost account ID - search - view profile,  and you will find the server ID.

3). [Account ID] of your lost progress: we recommend that you keep a screenshot of your account profile screen, which contains your Account ID and server info to help you retrieve account.

4). [Device Model] of your lost progress: if you have changed your device, please enter the device model you used before the account was stolen.

5). [Date of Registration] of your lost progress: please provide the approximate date of your game progress creation. You can find the date of your first achievement in Game Center to estimate your date of registration.  

6). [Last Login Time] of your lost progress: it is not necessary, but helpful if I you remember it.

7). [First & Last Purchase Receipts] If you have recharged in the game before, you can provide the order number or screenshots or your early and recent transactions:  

~Android device: log in your Gmail and find the payment confirmation mail from Google, which contains the GAP number.  GPA.**** - **** - **** - *****. If your email is deleted, you can check this Google Store Help.
Google Play Order screenshot example:

(please don't hide the order number)

~iOS device: please provide the screenshot or your order receipt. You can find it in your email and iTunes.
iTunes Order screenshot example:

(please don't hide the order number)

8). Character Level of your progress: Please enter the precise level to help the GM to find your account.

9). How many and which heroes do you have?: not necessary information, but it will be helpful if I you remember it.

10). How many and which skins do you have?: not necessary information, but it will be helpful if I you remember it.

11). Please provide a New Game progress or the [Account ID] and [Server] of your current progress: this is IMPORTANT because GM will transfer its connected social platform account to your lost progress.
If you have started a new game progress, please connect it to your social network account.
Please make sure this progress is connected to at least one social network platform:  (multiple choice) This is a very important step for the GM to help you restore the lost account!

12). Cause of account lost:  Changing device, being hacked or other reasons. Please fill in the information.

Note: if you have successfully retrieved your account and sign in, please take the following actions to protect your account safety: Change Password, Change Email, Sign Out All Device.

B. What should I do if I forget my Moonton account email connected to Moonton account or 3rd-party account?

If your game progress has connected to a Moonton or social network account (e.g. Google Play, FB, VK or Game Center) but you forget your Moonton account/email connected to your Moonton account/3rd-party account, please operate by the following instructions:

Tap Avatar - Account Settings - Account Center - Retrieve Account - select the retrieving method.

1. Auto verification: if you are using a usual device or IP, the auto verification system will inform you about the account name that is already connected. For account safety, this account name serves only as a reminder and is partially covered by ****.
For example: Moonton*****

2. Verify Game Info: If you are not using a usual device or IP, auto verification will not remind you about your account name. Under this option, the system will generate a few questions about your game progress. If you provide sufficient information correctly, the system will acknowledge your identity and show you the account name connected. For account safety, this account name serves only as a reminder and is partially covered by ****.
For example: Moonton*****

3. For your account safety, "Retrieve Account" have limited usage within a certain period. Please use it with caution.

4. If all of the above measures cannot remind you of your account, please contact the Customer Service through an email to

Author: Dreamseeker    Time: 2020-9-18 05:59 AM
Good to know. Thanks!
Author: Vincenza@849    Time: 2020-10-22 05:05 AM
I'm worried to give in-game ID and server number due to possible privacy issues.
Author: Ncup.Ajh    Time: 2020-10-26 02:09 AM
Vincenza@849 replied at 2020-10-22 05:05 AM
I'm worried to give in-game ID and server number due to possible privacy issues.

its okay, but in-game ID & Server number is very needed and important as information for a bug report.
as long as you dont share or give privacy information to anyone about your account such as email & password or your social platform accounts that binded to your mobile legends account, then your account will remain safe.
Author: EG2666    Time: 2021-1-23 05:27 AM
The matchmaking is the biggest bug. It's awful. It's like Moonton programs the solo q to purposely make the experience a living hell.
Author: Kathey    Time: 2021-1-24 12:21 AM
EG2666 replied at 2021-1-23 05:27 AM
The matchmaking is the biggest bug. It's awful. It's like Moonton programs the solo q to purposely m ...

If you don't give us any information needed through this bug report guide, we can't do anything for you. You can say it, but we won't submit it.
Author: HindiKoAlam    Time: 2021-3-23 01:09 AM
Is there any other way like a direct message to give the in-game id for there are a lot of ways to hack an account with that info.

Like if proven that the bug was authentic gm's and moderator could message the reporter directly and ask the id

Author: Kathey    Time: 2021-3-23 05:07 AM
HindiKoAlam replied at 2021-3-23 01:09 AM
Is there any other way like a direct message to give the in-game id for there are a lot of ways to h ...

Hello dear user,

I don't know why you believe that there are a lot of ways to hack an account with the in-game id info as a lot of us reveal our in-game ID. I'm here to tell you that it is impossible that your account would be hacked just with the your in-game ID info.

Author: Raka27    Time: 2021-3-25 04:53 AM
Edited by Raka27 at 2021-3-25 04:54 AM

Duh saya lupa id game nya kapan terjadinya bug .. gimana ya udah lama gk bisa masuk akun karena verifikasi email yang sudab mati
Author: LegacyOfDeath    Time: 2021-5-13 05:47 PM
Error saat login setelah install ML via playstore mei 2021 ini dan update langsung freeze

Ini solusi sementara yang saya bisa pakai

ID saya : 60860864 (2105)

Youtube :
Author: Madfi    Time: 2021-9-6 04:26 PM
Kathey replied at 2021-1-24 12:21 AM
If you don't give us any information needed through this bug report guide, we can't do anything fo ...

Halo kak!  Saya butuh bantuan untuk mendapatkan akun saya kembali.Saya Ingin Akun saya Kembali,, Saya sudah mencoba beberapa kali Tpi saya bingung Dengan Masalah Riwayat top up,  karena Email yg waktu itu saya Gunakan untuk Mendaftar akun Codashop diretas bersamaan dengan akun nya,, Semua Flattform saya diretas,, Sampai membuat handphone saya Ke Restart,, Mohon bantuannya
Author: R@lph    Time: 2021-10-3 05:40 PM
Can you please bring back the old kagura?
Author: Ncup.Ajh    Time: 2021-10-5 03:12 AM
R@lph replied at 2021-10-3 05:40 PM
Can you please bring back the old kagura?

Hi  @R@lph

about that, please create a suggestion thread in the Suggestion section of this forum, and we'll submit it to the developers

Thank you~

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