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Moderator: WtripleO, Ryu~, uMons
Dear Players,

First step you must do is to Report to our Customer Service from In-Game. This way Customer Service , Developer and Designer can track issue well. Remember Customer Service is a group of professional people who is handling user's feedback 24/7.
Here is how to contact them:

1. Tap the CS Icon beside your Avatar In-Game.
2. Choose the Option that's provided regarding the problem you are having.
3. fill up the forms, provide info as much as you can to speed up the issue progress.

why we suggest you to contact cs in game in this case, because if you contact cs in game, cs can get info of you ID, Server, Registration date, Payment Record, activity log etc, the info is very detailed, especially it's really handy for cs to handle issue like (account related), (recharge, payment related).But remember to provide screenshot and video record if it's related to bug report, why need this because bug need to be verified, that means bug need to recurrent, testing member will try to make the bug happen again, then hand over it to developer, okay now you know the importance of screenshot and video to testing member and customer service. besides that if you are having lag issue, it's also useful for operations to trace the problem, if many players complain some servers are  very laggy, operations will judge it by Server ID, by checking statistics, then operations may know which machine has problem, or  it's related to which Internet Service Provider, then they may know how to handle it to reduce loss.

There is only few cases you should contact Customer Service via E-mail Address:, (the case when you cannot contact cs in game, for example 1.stuck at the screen where progress bar loads, and then you cannot enter the lobby or 2. cannot open app after you tap the mlbb icon in your phone desktop 3. account get hacked while cs cannot verify your identity if you contact them in game), but bofore it, you should troubleshoot it first, 1. try to clear the cache, if it doesn't work then 2. uninstall the app, download the app from app store or google store, thn install it!! remember it's uninstall download install, not reinstall that easy!

why we suggest you to contact cs via email in this case, because you cannot contact customer service in game! so contact them via email. but email is the only way to contact them. while the email provided above is the work email for customer service team, that's the only one! and since you contact them via email, cs cannot get any info of yours only the email address, so provide information as much as you can, especially ID and Server ID, and remember to take a screenshot of the screen where you stuck at, specially it's the screen where the progress bar loads.

In forum, the people who are trying to help you is called moderator, moderator is forum user who volunteer to help other forum users, they are recruited by moonton staff, and under command of moonton staff.

At last, If you are going to make a post here, forum moderator will help you analyze issue, please do not forget to provide detailed info of the related issue :

↪ Account ID and Server ID  ↪Description of the  issue  ↪ Screenshot or Video about it

By the way, do please use "search" before posting a new thread, to see if anyone has the same issue.
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